How do you solve 502 bad gateway using wordpress site hosted on xampp?

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When a Wordpress site is hosted on XAMPP, solving a bad 502 gateway you will have to contact the host. This is because every host has a specific code in place that refers to the 502 gateway. The host's technician would have to reset the website gateway to functioning status again
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How do you use wordpress?

The easiest way to learn to use wordpress is to go to and search for a video tutorial. There is a 45 min guide that is especially helpful. Wordpress also has a number of videos which are well produced and cover a lot of topics. I have added the link to their how to section in the re ( Full Answer )

What is the best wordpress host?

I can recommend Dreamhost. Well after reading several reviews it appears that Hostgator is arguably the best wordpress host when you factor. Uptime:99%+ Support: 24/7 English speaking Price: .01 for the first month (promotional) Ease of Wordpress Setup:Push of one button Wordpress support:Most ( Full Answer )

How do you install Wordpress using cpanel?

Every web hosting company provides you access to cPanel after purchasing web space . To install wordpress and other CMS(content management system) in cPanel based blogs, there is an easy option if you have Fantastico addon installed. What you need is to select Wordpress from Fantastico menu in cPane ( Full Answer )

What is a Wordpress mu site?

WordPress Mu is for those who want to have a website that allow other people to register and build their blogs in the site. Allowing others to build blogs is the key difference between Wordpress Mu and Wordpress.

How do you activate your ''wordpress'' site?

Assuming you built your site live and not your local machine, it's already activated. Make sure you also allow your site to be indexed by the search engines. you can do this by going to your dashboard - settings - privacy settings - site visibility - and clicking on allow search engines to index thi ( Full Answer )

How do I allow the outside world to see my website hosted on my xampp apache server on my computer?

Although there isn't quite enough information in the question to be certain what you're looking for: The general answer is that you need to configure Port Address Translation on your Router/Firewall. Your router's WAN IP address is a valid Internet address, however your computer is most likely ( Full Answer )

How do you install joomla or wordpress to a non cpanel hosting?

To install Joomla without cpanel you will need to take the following steps: - FTP the template - FTP the content images if you added some to the content - Import the SQL file if you created prior content offline But the best way to do it is via cpanel. Additionally, if you use cpanel you w ( Full Answer )

How do you make a website using wordpress?

Go to and pick a domain name and sign up for hosting. Once you complete that, there is a "one click" feature that will install a Wordpress blog directly into your new domain name right away. Wordpress is so popular that added this feature to make it easier for you. I kn ( Full Answer )

Why is the use of English on this site so bad?

I believe that these errors are made by people who are in the process of learning English. I am glad that WikiAnswers is a resource for those attempting to learn such a difficult language.

How do you solve a 502 bad gateway?

502 Bad Gateway is quite tough to solve. It basically when the server have not fully completely load the site you want. It is not the fault of your computer or the Internet provider. You can refresh your page, until the site has successfully loads. If this does not work, you should try to return to ( Full Answer )

How do you create a self hosted blog on wordpress?

First you have to think about what your blog will be about. Then you will need to obtain a domain name and a hosting account. Installing Wordpress on your domain is fairly straightforward now with fantastico. Once you've done that you can log into the Wordpress backend and begin posting. There are l ( Full Answer )

Can you post games on your wordpress site?

Yes, you can. WordPress gaming themes are rare and should meetcertain needs and requirements to be useful for professional gamingwebsites of any kind.

How do you add logo in wordpress site?

You'll need to upload the new image you'd like to use (using FTP) to your blog's directory. Then change the image URL in the code instead of the existing logo. There is also a second option. go to you dashboard - navigate to media- click on the media link- click on add new next to media library- ( Full Answer )

Best pay wordpress hosting in UK?

I'm in the UK as well, my personal recommendation is hostgator for hosting, there a US company but I have been using them for several years.

How many bloggers use WordPress?

It is impossible to give a precise figure for the number of users of WordPress. Last year there were 6 million new accounts set up on this is usually accounts for half of WordPress blogs (the others being self hosted) so that gives us 12 million new accounts last year. The total number ( Full Answer )

What is a hosting site?

A hosting site, either refers to a hosted site (i.e. any web site) or more likely a hosting company such as Rackspace, GoDaddy or ByteHouse.

What are the advantages of using Wordpress?

Wordpress is the best platform for creating your blog. Its free and gets crawled faster by search engines and also a good chance lies of ranking in top pages if you properly optimized it. Answer Advantages of using Wordpress: a) It is free. b) It is easy to manage c) It is good from Search Engi ( Full Answer )

Does Wordpress use MySQL?

Yes, WordPress uses one database which you set-up on installation. It's easy to set-up for those new to MySQL / PHP. It's simple and quick to set-up. WordPress is also a great Content Management Syste.

What are some sites that use web hosting in UK?

There are many UK sites that use web hosting. These sites are as follows: ByteHouse, Just Host, ipage, Fat Cow Green Hosting, Host Clear, Super Green Hosting, and GoDaddy. Thus, many UK sites use web hosting. The use of UK web hosting provides superior ranking and performace for website that are c ( Full Answer )

How do you self-host wordpress blogs?

If you have your own domain and web host then you can download a setup file from Many web hosting providers offer WordPress as an option to install. You may find it available in either Fantastico or SimpleScripts. These are both installed with some web hosting services. Before d ( Full Answer )

Is joomla hosting a reliable site to use?

Joomla seems to be ariliable site to use. It is growing in popularity and seems to have all the features that other web hosting sites have at an affordable price.

What does wordpress hosting mean?

WordPress hosting refers to a service offered by companies, which may be free or paid. Such companies 'host' WordPress powered websites on their servers, making the content available on the internet.

What sites offer affordable wordpress hosting?

"One very popular host is hostgator. They offer various plans, adjusted to your financial needs. The cheapest package they offer is currently at $3.97/ month and offers a single domain with unlimited disc space, unlimited band width, and shared SSL Certificate."

Can someone explain wordpress hosting?

"WordPress is a popular tool for web hosting and blogging. It is described as an open source project with a user-friendly interface. It allows one to develop new templates, plugins, and widgets for professional websites."

How do you add a favicon to my wordpress site?

Create a favicon . upload it to the root of your hosting server (most probably publichtml) . add the following code to header.php in the root of the hosting server You are done and now the favicon should show up whenever you access your website using a browser that supports favicons.

How do you use frameset in wordpress?

The absolute best possibility to even get an iframe to work in wordpress is to get the PLUGIN called "INLINE IFRAME" its the only shortcode based plugin i found that will let you embed the sites that you need. HOWEVER i have not found a way yet to get side-b0side iframes like the frameset. GOOD LUCK ( Full Answer )

How do you copy wordpress to xampp?

Easiest way is to setup your install on your localhost, so you'll need to setup a database and wp-config.php, and then just export your old blog and import to your local install.

Is a WordPress blogging site?

yes it is, it is the top blogging platform. With its comprehensive list of themes and plugins, wordpress has been the most used blogging site by most bloggers.

Can you use HTML forms on a WordPress site without using a plugin?

Yes, you are able to use HTML forms on a WordPress site without a plugin. When you are editing whatever post or page you are making the form on, switch to HTML view from WYSIWIG Editor. Then, simply use the regular tags you use to create forms on an HTML document.

What hosting services are provided by Wordpress?

WordPress provides a variety of hosting services focused on the blogger. This is provided free of charge, however the blogger can purchase upgrades and become a VIP.

Should you use Linux hosting for a wordpress software?

You can do. Linux is more than capable of it. Ultimately you should go with whatever suits your needs and what you are comfortable with, however. If your experience with hosting servers is dominated by Windows Server, it might be a better idea to go with that, for instance

What is the best hosting for a WordPress blog?

Actually, there are lots of hosting provider but if you are lookingfor the cheap and white collar web hosting company you mustconsider onlinetroubleshooters. You also know how expensive webhosting is, and onlinetroubleshooters have all kind off hostingoffer that surely suit the customer at the end.

What are the advantages of using a cheap hosting site?

The cost is one of the advantages of using a cheap hosting site. Another advantage is that these cheap site are easy to use. If you are just staring a business, a cheap hosting site would be to your advantage.

Why are social networking sites bad for us?

They are bad for us because face book could harm you by getting toyour personal details and hacking you. They are good for you because youtube lets you watch lots of thingsunlike any other sites

Where can Wordpress be hosted for free? offers free hosting for your Wordpress site. Simplysignup for an account and you will be assigned a Wordpress site.There is nothing to download. It even comes preloaded with manyuseful plugins along with a drop and drag theme editor. Creating aWordpress site never been easier!

How do you get wordpress hosting for free? is providing Wordpress hosting for free. Create yourWordpress site with a few clicks. Drag and drop anything anywhere.No coding knowledge

How do you embedded streaming code into wordpress site?

This would depend on what type of streaming system you are wantingto add. youtube, vimeo,etc should all have their own embedding/sharingscript. You should find their embedding scripts on the corresponding videoshare area.

What is the best plugin for wordpress site for seo?

There are 2 WordPress SEO plugins out there that come to mind whenbeing the best. Yoast SEO All In one SEO From my experiance Yoast SEO would be the top one that mosteveryone uses as it is full of features. The other is All in oneseo. A few features that Yoast SEO offers are as follows: . Post ti ( Full Answer )

What is the best WordPress hosting provider?

SiteGround is one of the most popular WordPress hosts and are verywell recognized in the WordPress community. They provide uniquein-house WordPress speed and security solutions to make your siteas fast and secure as possible.

What is best WordPress hosting site?

Almost all good web hosting provider offers 1-click wordpressinstallation and later you need to configure your wordpresswebsite's design using freely available Themes there. You can addfunctionality of your wordpress site using freely available pluginslike yoast seo plugins, woocommerce plugins etc. ( Full Answer )