How do you solve the Homer Simpson puzzle?

It's obvious, just ask if homer Simpson is a duffaholic, then answer that question for me, and then think too yourself is it a slider puzzle or tetris style, or a snake style game if that doesn't help just Google search for some web sites with some cheats and game faqs, should give you some valuable answers and more guides than cheats, infact even when searching for games on a .gba file hosting site and you search for a specific game and they claim too have it some times you can't find it because it isn't there or they try too run a auto fail on the download with a script when it's half way through downloading and they block it out because they don't want people or fans too get quick free access too the latest game just for a bit of fun even when they are tired of the old games and beating them soo easily, wanna know how Microsoft is weak, not telling, even a 2 year old could figure that one out, Microsoft, how stupid taking help from their clients who probably don't know kuch about that kind of thing, well even if i do ts they are never getting any answers from me.