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How do you spay understand in french?


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to understand - comprendre (coh[n]-PRAH[N]-druh)

I understand - je comprends (coh[n]-PRAH[N])

you (sing., familiar) understand - tu comprends (coh[n]-PRAH[N])

she understands - elle comprend (coh[n]-PRAH[N])

we understand - nous comprenons (coh[n]-pruh-NOH[N])

you (pl. or non-familiar) understand - vous comprenez (coh[n]-pruh-NAY)

they understand - ils comprennent (coh[n]-PREN)

[n] at the end of a syllable indicates a nasal vowel. The word "comprendre" is actually two syllables, but to English-speaking ears the final "dr" can sound like an extra syllable (consider "table", which is one syllable in French).