How do you speed up keyboard typing?

There are a couple of ways. One of them is to take a tutorial, and one of them is to practice. There are typing games for kids that they sell, and they are fun, and help you learn at the same time. I suggest buying one of those, even if you are older. You might as well have some fun while you are learning. :) The *biggest* challenge for many people is just putting their fingers on the correct keys, and practicing that way... because, even with LOTS of practice, hunt-and-peck is slower than actually typing using all of your fingers. :) If you can learn to use the correct fingers for each letter (left fingers sitting on A, S, D, F and right fingers on J, K, L, ; and thumbs on the spacebar and then using your fingers for only letters close to them), once you get used to that and practice a lot, then you will gain a lot of speed. Eventually, if you practive enough, you won't even have to look at the keyboard anymore unless you are typing a word you have never seen before. You can just look at the screen and observe the result. With enough practice, it is *almost* like translating your thoughts into words, because it becomes almost instinctive. :) Not that direct translation is always good... sometimes you need to stop and think before you send something. So fast isn't always better... but those are some ways that I suggest.