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There are a couple of ways. One of them is to take a tutorial, and one of them is to practice. There are typing games for kids that they sell, and they are fun, and help you learn at the same time. I suggest buying one of those, even if you are older. You might as well have some fun while you are learning. :) The *biggest* challenge for many people is just putting their fingers on the correct keys, and practicing that way... because, even with LOTS of practice, hunt-and-peck is slower than actually typing using all of your fingers. :) If you can learn to use the correct fingers for each letter (left fingers sitting on A, S, D, F and right fingers on J, K, L, ; and thumbs on the spacebar and then using your fingers for only letters close to them), once you get used to that and practice a lot, then you will gain a lot of speed. Eventually, if you practive enough, you won't even have to look at the keyboard anymore unless you are typing a word you have never seen before. You can just look at the screen and observe the result. With enough practice, it is *almost* like translating your thoughts into words, because it becomes almost instinctive. :) Not that direct translation is always good... sometimes you need to stop and think before you send something. So fast isn't always better... but those are some ways that I suggest.


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The qwerty keyboard is NOT designed to reduce your typing speed. This is a myth and there is no fact to it whatsoever. It is designed around the English alphabet for improved typing speed for the most common used words, not to reduce your typing speed. It would make no sense to reduce your typing speed when the qwerty style keyboard is used in industries around the world. If there was a faster keyboard layout then you can bet that the Industries would be using it.

Practicing touch typing will increase your typing speed.

You can find a lot of speed exercises for typing at school. Many schools provide speed typing exercises. Some exercises include games and trials to help practice and help get used to the keyboard.

When the keyboard was designed, the technology of the typewriter was not advanced enough to keep up with the amazing speed of typists. The typewriters would get jammed because the typists went so fast. So, the "QWERTY" keyboard was designed, to slow down the typing of the typists. Now, the technology has caught up with the speed of typists, but the keyboard has just remained.

The average typing speed is 40 numbers per minute. The speed includes the ability to type the numbers correctly without mixing them up or looking at the keyboard.

The speed at which you will be learning how to type depends a lot on your past knowledge on the keyboard, your experiences with typing, and how long you have been typing already. Typings is very easy to learn, and you can just use a program online to speed up the process.

The QWERTY keyboard is designed to rreduce typing speed, as old typwriters could be damaged if used too fast. The name QWERTY comes from the first six letters on the top row of letters on the keyboard.

go on youtube and find out how to type on a keyboard by typing youtube on google then typing how to type on a keyboard and watch the video how to.

Typing Master is a game designed to increase and better computer keyboard typing skills that features visual drills, speed tests, smart reviews, and games.

at the top for typing on the rhs for number crunching, ie bookkeeping, two different styles of speed typing

You use your keyboard by typing.

The keyboard that you're typing on now.

The Kinesis Classic Ergonomic keyboard appears to be the best keyboard for dealing with carpal tunnel. If used properly, it can actually boost a person’s typing speed. The reason as to why this type of keyboard is so useful to aid one in the typing is that it takes emphasis off of the use of the pinky finger when using one’s keyboard

A virtual keyboard differs from a touch typing keyboard because a virtual keyboard is on touch sensitive screen (like on the iphone) rather a hardware keyboard that some people prefer.

The average typing speed of student is 55. The typing speed above 60 is considered to be good. The typing speed above 100 is considered to be excellent

it depends what keyboard you have but your keyboard is probaly on number lock different keyboards have different way to take it off hope this helps

AnswerThe keyboard is used for typing things into your computer such as letters and homework.

Keyboard is used for typing whereas with mouse you cant

yes i have use this key board with my dell latitude c640 and working fine from USB port and keyboard is an excellant choice if you have good typing speed.

232wpm ... but it wasn't on a keyboard; it was on a typewriter. The fastest on a keyboard is 212wpm. [It's unusual how the 2 records have a like number, then a different number, then the first number repeated lol.]

typing can be on any typing utility such as a typewriter, or even a keyboard keyboarding is specifically for keyboards

Touch typing refers to being able to type without looking at the keyboard. Touch typing also includes the use of all of one's fingers on the keyboard, as opposed to hen pecking which is typically typing with the two index figures while looking at the keyboard.

it is mostly used for typing.

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