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How do you speed up viewing videos online?

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Is watching up skirt videos illegal?

no ...unless the person who your viewing is a minor then you might be charged with viewing and download child porn.

How do you make YouTube videos load fast on an iPod touch?

I don't think there is anything you can do to speed it up other than changing your viewing preferences on your account settings if you have an account. That might help

How do you speed up you tube videos?

I don't think you can....

What is the best program that can speed up videos without a virus?


How can i get discovered for singing online?

You can put up videos of you singing on YouTube, and/or you could make a blog and upload the videos there.

Why are videos interrupted?

If you mean Internet videos then it's your connection often not being fast enough for viewing certain online videos. Or sometimes the web site gets busy and the video stops loading as quick or at all because more website viewers are using up band width. If your connection is wireless please make sure you are close to you wireless router. If it's wired it could be you modem. In either case if you have more than one device connected to you router/modem then the speed of the internet you receive will slow.

How do you speed up your internet?

Downloading less and accessing websites which don't use a lot of memory should speed up your internet. Activities such as watching videos and playing games will slow down the speed of your internet (depending on how many videos/games you watch/play).

Where can one rent blockbuster videos online?

You can rent blockbuster videos online at the Blockbuster website. You must sign up as a member before you can rent the films, but after you have done so, you can rent movies online by mail.

Do videos online take up space on a computers recovery disk?

No. Unless You Want To Recover Those Videos for Access Later. -Razgriz

Where can you find videos of Christmas lights?

You can find videos of Christmas lights online at the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Christmas lights" into the search field at the top of the page to bring up the videos.

What does a video card do in a computer?

A video card speeds up the processes of viewing videos and loading certain things on your computer. This is helpful for computers that are slowed down by a lot of memory.

Can I watch workout videos of pushup's online?

Yes, definitely you can watch push up video's online. In YouTube there are so many training instructors that uploaded different videos that you can watch which could help you on your workout everyday.

Why do YouTube videos keep pausing?

It's your modem, your Internet modem can't keep up with the speed of the video.

Why is online learning good for you?

You can do your work on your own speed no stress of hurring up.

Why does a blue box with a question mark come up when i try to watch videos online?

Updated flash player

Where can you watch Percy Jackson online for free without signing up for anything?

The best place to watch Percy Jackson online is on mega videos :) XD

Are there instructions available online for setting up a D Link wireless router?

You can find instructions on setting up a wireless router if you search it up. There are also how-to videos online. How-to websites should also have instructions for this as well.

Where can one watch videos of scary pranks online?

You can watch videos of scary pranks at the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Scary Pranks" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the videos.

Where can one watch Halo 3 videos?

You can watch Halo 3 videos online at the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Halo 3" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the videos.

Where can one find videos of cars in accidents?

You can find videos of cars in accidents online at the YouTube website. Once on the page, type "Car Accident" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the videos.

Where can one watch anime online for free?

Youtube has free anime episodes you can watch online. As does Hulu. The dubbing company Funimation also puts episodes they distribute up on their website for free viewing.

Where can one find Santa Claus videos online?

Santa Claus videos can be looked up on Youtube, a video sharing network. With such a wide variety of videos from different people, the videos may be about things from a Santa asking children what they want for Christmas, to Santa falling through a chimney.

How do I speed up my YouTube videos?

Get a faster internet connection, or turn the quality down on the popup menu on the bottonright hand corner

Where can you find free black sermons online?

Go to You Tube, and enter Dr. Hagins' name and his videos will pop up.

Can velcro dots be used to hold curtains up?

There are many places online to store music, pictures, videos and files. Youtube is great for videos and if you want to save pictures flickr is great.