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Delete temporary internet files by using Disc Cleanup on a Windows PC and by Resetting Safari on a Mac. A great free safe program to clean you PC & Mac is Piriform CCleaner. It will clean out temporary files, history, and registry issues on a Windows PC. The Mac has no registry.

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Get Google Chrome for FREE.

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Q: How do you speed up you internet on a PC computer?
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How can I speed up my pc when browsing the internet?

If you are looking for more information on how can you speed up my PC when browsing the internet, the best place to look is on

Does reformatting your PC helps speed up the internet connection?

This might not help speed up the speed of your internet connection. It could be the type of router you have or it could be the area you are living in.

Will the computer speed test tell me what needs to be done to speed up my computer?

No. They only telling you how fast is your internet connection. Sometimes , there are some tips that you could bear on what to do to speed up your computer's speed.

What are some PC booster tips?

PC booster is a good way to tune up your computer with just a couple of mouse clicks. It will boost the speed of the computer and clean up the junk that clutters up a computer.

How fast is Firefox?

it all depends on your computer really, your internet doesn't affect the speed of firefox at all. if you do want to speed your computer up do the following a disk clean up (cleans up all the unnecessary files) a registry clean up does amazing things to speed your computer up and in experience its faster than internet explorer, plus safer

Can I use a Hewlet Packard pc to browse internet?

Yes, you can use any brand of PC to browse the internet, all you have to do is a search of you computer or "internet explorer", which usually comes default with a new computer, if not simply follow the directions, in the control panel to find "setting up an internet connection".

Will more memory speed PC up?

Yes! But there are some reasons that will affect to the speed of your PC, even though you have more memory installed to you computer, there are plenty of causes that your computer system got slow specially booting up! I have some review dealing how to speed up you computer to boost like a brand new one it's great I have information about this on my site at

Will a network hub speed up my internet speed?

No a hub will not speed up your connection, your connection is based on the ISP. A hub sends the information to every computer on the network until it finds the computer that sent the request.

What can be done to speed up Internet Explorer 9?

To speed up internet explorer 9 you can purchase add-on programs from computer stores. You can also upgrade from your internet provider to help make your internet speed faster. It will cost you money to make this faster but it is very much worth it.

What does the 'Clean My PC' product from MacPaw do to clean a computer?

The Clean My PC product which is available from MacPaw can help someone clean viruses from their computer which slow the computer down. Diagnosing and getting rid of these viruses will help speed up your computer.

What programs can aid one in how to speed up the internet?

Slow Internet speeds can be very frustrating and make it impossible to operate various computer programs. There are a number of utility optimizers which can speed up Internet use including TweakMASTER.

How can you speed up Internet access when you first turn on the computer?

Spell fast then press enter