How do you spell Diana in greek?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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  1. Αρτέμις
  2. Αρτεμίδα
  3. Αρτέμη
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Q: How do you spell Diana in greek?
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What is Diana in ancient greek?


Who was the Greek equivilant of Diana?

Artemis was the Greek name for Diana, goddess of the hunt.

Was Diana the Greek goddess of hunting?

No. Diana was the Roman goddess of hunting. Artemis was the Greek goddess of hunting.

Who is Diana in Greek mythology?

Nothing! Diana is the name "Artemis" in Latin. So actually, Diana is in Latin. Artemis is the ancient Greek goddess representing the Moon, sister of Sun, Apollo. She was a great huntress. When Romans adopted ancient Greek culture and mythology, they worshipped Artemis under the name "Diana".derived from an old Indo-European root meaning "heavenly, divine",

In Greek mythology who was the lover of Diana?

Diana was not a Greek god. She was a Roman goddess. The enemies of Diana are Juno and Venus. Juno hates her because she is the daughter of Zeus by another woman. Juno even boxed Diana's ears during the Trojan War. Venus and Diana don't get along because Diana is the goddess of virginity and Venus is the goddess of love.

What is the role of Diana as a Greek god?

Diana is not Greek, but Roman. Her Greek counterpart, Artemis, is the goddess of the moon and the hunt, twin sister of Apollo.

What is the Greek name for Diana?

Diana is a good name and a perfect name for a gril...... Diana mean a song that an artist made.

How do you spell 83 in greek?

how do you spell 83 in greek

Who was greek Diana's parents?

Diana is a Roman goddess; her parents are Jupiter and Latona.

What is Diana's Greek name?

The Roman goddess Diana's name in Greece is Artemis.

Did anyone ever have a crush on the Greek goddess Diana?

Diana is a Roman Goddess. Diana is also a virgin goddess.

What did Diana the Greek goddess come from?

Diana is the Roman goddess whose aspects are alike to Artemis the Greek goddess. As to where they come from in a historical perspective, that is still in debate.