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Q: How do you spell Michael in Chinese letters?
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How do you spell Chinese in Chinese letters?

Letters as mails that you receive: 信 (xin)

How do you spell open in Chinese letters?

It's "开"。

How do you spell Michael in Chinese?

In Chinese, the name Michael is typically spelled as 迈克尔 (Mài kè ěr).

How do you spell Donna in chinese letters?

唐娜 (Tángnà)

How do you spell Brian in Chinese characters?

Chinese doesn't have letters, each word is a specific character. It would most likely be the exact same as English.

How do you spell jasia lamoque in chinese letters?

Chinese does not use letters... this question can not be answered. Chinese instead uses character-words and thus only old, traditional words can be used.

What letters in Chinese spell open?

Unlike Western languages like French, German, and English, Chinese does not have an alphabet. Written Chinese doesn't have letters that spell out words. Instead, it has characters that represent the different words of the language. The character for "open" is 開. In Simplified Chinese this is written 开.

How do you spell sparrow in Chinese letters?

麻雀 ma(2) que(4)

How do you spell you're welcome in Chinese?

It is not possible to answer this question because of the special Chinese characters. You are welcomed in Chinese, is spelled by spelling out the individual letters going forward.

How do you spell Haley in Chinese?

you don't SPELL words in Chinese Each has a different character instead of a group of letters. Haley in Chinese is 海利 (if your computer can show Chinese characters), pronounced as "hi-li". If you have to spell it, then it's spelled "hai li".

How do you spell the word 'bitch' in Chinese or the two letters?

You write it like "八婆" (ba1 po2)

How do you spell Adriana in chinese letters?

安德里安娜 an de li an na