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How do you spell a female billy goat?

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The male goat may be a billy goat, while the female is a nanny.

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Is a billy goat a male goat or female?

a billy goat is a female goat

What is the female equivalent to a billy goat?

The female equivalent of a (male) billy goat is a nanny goat.

Female of billy goat?

Nanny goat or doe.

Who is billy goat's mate?

A male goat is a Billy.A female goat is a Nanny.A young goat is a Kid.

What is opposite gender of Billy goat?

A Billy goat's female opposite is a Jenny goat.

What is Male billy goat?

Male goat is a Billy.Female is a Nanny.Young is a Kid.

What do you call a female billy-goat?

The female name of a goat is doe, they are also known as nannies.

What is a male goat and a female goat?

A male goat is called a billy or a buck. A female goat is called a doe or a nanny.

Name of female billy goat?

Nanny goat or doe.

What is the female of the billy-goat?

A nanny goat but a doe is better terminology.

What is the difference between billy goat and regular goat?

"Billy" simply means "male" as opposed to "Nanny goat" (female).

What is the opposite gender of goat?

Well a 'goat' isn't a male or a female, the male is called a billy-goat and the female is called the Nanny-goat

What is the gender of he - goat?

Male goat is a Billy (he-goat?).Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a Kid.

What is the masculine form of manny-goat?

female = nanny-goat (not a manny-goat)male = billy-goat

What is the opposite of male goat?

Male goat is a Billy.Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a kid.

What is feminine gender of billy goat?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.A billy goat is a male goat (sometimes referred to as a buck).A nanny goat is a female goat.

Female billy goat?

Doe or nanny

Are there different names for a female and male curry goat?

"Buck or Billy" - a male goat. "Doe or Nanny" - a female goat. "Kid" - a young goat.

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