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Anata wa - あなたは

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Q: How do you spell anata wa in japanese?
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What is you are with in Japanese?

Anata wa

How do you say your lovely in Japanese?

'(Anata wa) Kawaii desu'. 'Anata wa' [you] is optional to include.

What is the phrase you are when translated from English to Japanese?

anata WA eg. you are stupid - anata WA bakka desu you are cute - anata WA kawaii desu you are a cat - anata WA neko desu

How do you say 'You are a' in Japanese?

"You are a" would be "anata wa" in Japanese.

What is the meaning of anata wa?

it means "you" in japanese

How do you spell anata in Japanese characters?

あなた = Anata

Who is in your family in Japanese?

anata no kazoku WA dare desuka

How do you say stuipd in Japanese?

anata WA baka desu

Where are you translated to Japanese?

anata WA doko ni imasuka

What is your nationality in Japanese?

Anata no kokuseki wa nanidesu ka

How do you say you're first in Japanese?

Anata wa saishodesu.

How do you say you're amazing in Japanese?

Anata WA sugoi.