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How do you split up with a girl?

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face to face never over text or email

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When did the Saturdays split up?

if you are talking about the girl band the saturdays they have not spilt up

Did wonderland girl group break up?

Yes, Wonderland have split up

What if you asked out a girl who has a boyfriend?

Then forget about it. Try again a while after they split up if it happens.

Are the Saturdays still together as a girl group in 2011?

they will never split up they are arsome

Did cheryl split up with Ashley or did he split up with her?

in the end she split up wiv him!

How did Catherine of Aragon And Henry Vlll split up?

Because she gave him a girl but he wanted a boy.

Why did ACDC split up?

They did not split up.

Has Daniel Radcliffe split up with his girl friend?

why do u want to know god and yes he is still coz i am his girlfriend Yes, he has split up with his old girlfriend. Daniel is not dating anyone at the moment.

Are one direction splitting up?

One Direction are splitting up. They will split up because boy and girl bands don't last forever.

When Patrick stump and elisa split up?

they where never together. Patrick is to good for other girl that is why me and him are together !

Who from one direction has got a girlfriend?

Louis has a girl friend Liam used to have one but split up

What year was did mcfly and busted split up?

Mcfly has not split up yet. Busted split up in 2005.

How do you use split up in a sentence?

Ex: we split up last week Ex: the vegetables have to be split up

Who split up the colonies?

the british split up the colonies.

When did the rolling stones split up?

They didn't split up!

When did acdc split up?

AC/DC have not split up.....

Is mark Owen split up his wife?

no they are not split up.

When did archaea and bacteria split up split up?

Archaea and Bacteria split up right after having an argument about cheese. :)

Why does your ex girlfriend want to meet your girlfriend?

So she can evaluate what type of girl you got hold of after you split up.

Has the famous British band Coldplay ever split up?

No Coldplay never split up:) No Coldplay never split up:)

How did the Jonas Brothers split up?

The Jonas Brothers did not split up.

Why the super juniors are going to split up?

they are not going to split up.

Have Harry styles parents split up?

they split up when he was 7

Are one Direction split up?

They are not split up they are stiil a team.

Why did Laurin and Ryan sheckler split up?

cause he got another girl friend called tylah caddden and yeah