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Q: How do you start a Ford Contour which stopped starting even though the alternator and battery are fine?
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Why 1988 Dodge truck stopped running has new battery?

bad alternator ? its not charging the battery

Why after your 96 Nissan Sentra's Battery went dead and a new battery was installed did all inside electrical stopped working?

check the alternator

Why would your battery light come on in your 2004 Ford Explorer then the car just lost power and stopped?

Defective alternator.

2000 Mercury Mountaineer serpentine belt tensioner diagram?

My alternator stopped recharging my battery but I can't take the tension off my serpentine belt to put my alternator back on.

Contour wiper arms stopped?


Can an alternator problem cause electrical problems other than a dead battery?

yes if the alternator isnt charging the battery correctly then it couldnt be sending ecu false signals when my alternator was playing up , my central locking my hazards interior light and rear wiper stopped working

While driving 96 jeep Cherokee the lights dimmed out and the car stopped working its not the battery or the alternator what do you think is wrong where would you look?

Check for poor ground connection either at the alternator or follow the negative cable coming from the battery.

You were driving down the freeway and your car just started shutting down and stopped acclerating then would not start back up and while car stopped the battery light was on.?


What is wrong when a car loses power and cuts out?

Either your battery is dead and wont accept a charge or your alternator has stopped charging the battery due to a blown fuse, loose or damaged wiring, loose or broken drive belt or the alternator itself has gone bad.

You thought your battery died you boosted your car for ten minutes started driving and your car slowly turned off in the middle of the street at a stop light What does this mean?

There is a good chance that your alternator has stopped working. It could also be just a loose wire from the alternator to the battery that is not letting the battery charge. Also it could be a bad battery. When a cell in a battery dies it will hold a charge for a short period of time but then rapidly die. Get the battery checked first. they the wires, then the alternator.

How do you know if your alternator is out in a 2004 Ford Freestar?

I just went through this with my Windstar - stopped by my favorite Autozone and they did a pretty thorough electrical test, including the alternator and battery. Most of the auto parts stores offer free testing. Easiest thing to do is remove the positive connection to your battery if you Freestar stalls....Alternator is no good(just happened to me)

I have a 2001 jeep commander and it randomly stopped working it wont turn on?

If your 2001 Jeep Commander randomly stopped working and won't turn on, you likely have one of two problems. Your battery is dead, or your alternator is dead.

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