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How do you start a manga comic?


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May 25, 2008 1:58AM

These steps are what you should do to start a manga/comic in my opinion. Step 1: you should first come up with the main idea of the manga. You know...description of the manga. remember first come up with the MAIN CHARACTERS (OR MAIN CHARACTER) Step 2: draw the manga. you can also come up with some of the other characters of the manga besides the main character. Then you also have to come up with the different environments, areas, zones, and islands. Oh and also if you'd like, you could even make a rival for your main character like GokuVegeta and NarutoSasuke. Step 3: find someone to publish it or edit it like a manga-publishing company. Sorry, if they turn you down. Big time companies are TOKYOPOP and SHONENJump and can bring in a good amount of income, if the manga is very good. Step 4: Practice Practice Practice! Being a Manga Artist is very challenging and it takes patient, many big name mangas that were turned into Anime (Naruto, Inuyasha etc.) took alot of hardwork. Step 5: have fun making your manga! You should also be a good artist, too. Note: Being a mangaka isn't easy. You don't get much money when they are being sold. And do remember, if you draw a character, building, background, etc that has lots of details, it will be hard to repeat drawing the same thing, but really, you can get use to it after practicing. But who cares, manga is the best stuff ever and everyone can be mangakas!! ^^