How do you start judo?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Find yourself a Dojo, bring in tough cloth like Rugby jersey for trial class and considered buying yourself a Gi once you are sure to continue with this path.

Judo training usually take quite sometimes before it is usable in real life since it require the judoka to act upon natural reflect which required timely training. However, once your body memorized how to flow, Judo is very good in handling trouble makers without scar and bruise especially when the trouble makers is your drunken buddies.

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Q: How do you start judo?
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Which country did judo start?


Which country did judo start in?


When did blind judo start?

about late 1980

What age can you start judo?

When you can walk. 5 or 6 is a good age to start at.

How do you learn Judo?

Start training at a club, try looking at the YMCA

How did judo start?

It was derived from Jui Jistu and evolved from a self defence, into a sport.

How young can you be to compete in olympic judo?

18 to enter judo in the olympic level, but i doubt you would get in anyway, you gotta get to the level first, then start trainin for the next olympics

Where did judo first start?

Well judo has been around for a very long time. the sport started in greenland but then the russians took credit for starting it because they have done similar activities like judo. Also then in 1856 many people from england came to introduce the sport to native americans who started to do judo. once president woodrow wilson was the president of the usa he always loved to do judo.

What is judo in France?

Judo is japanese, so it remains judo in all languages.

What is judo in afrikaans?

Judo is japanese, so it remains judo in all languages.

What part of speech is judo?

The word judo is a noun. Judo is a Japanese martial art.

How many grappling techniques are there in Judo?

{| |- | Judo is predominantly a grappling style of martial art. There are hundreds of different techniques involved. You will start off learning about a dozen or so key moves, and build on them as you progress on your journey. |}