How do you start wearing bras earlier?


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Get yourself measured and if you need a bra get one the correct size, if you don't need a bra don't get one simple .


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yes, some girls start wearing them when they are 7

Most girls start wearing trainer bras in grade 4 but not all. See what's comfortable for you and don't be afraid to talk to your parent/guardian about it. -rainetonight

Most girls start wearing bras when they are eight years old

It does not matter it depends on how big her boobs are I started wearing a training bra when I was 10

When you need to - ask your mother or guardian or some adult female that you trust for advice. i started wearing bras at the age 11. when i was 11 i wore size 32aa

I would said ages 9-12 is when they should start wearing bras. It is a personal preference and what there parents think is appropriate.

you should start buying training ones at about really late third grade if needed but most girls start with training bras at really early 4th grade and transition to real bras about 6 weeks after you start wearing training bras and wear it every other day to get used to it.

Wearing padded bras doe not stop breast growth.

When your breasts start developing you should start wearing crop tops/training bras. Once you have developed large enough to fit into an A cup, you should wear a proper bra.

8 years old becauuse they are padded

Yes I love wearing them. :) I prefer wearing panties and bras, that's just me. My favorite part of crossdressing

Just be open with her. Tell her that you are developing and that you think you should start wearing bras. You might be a little embarassed at first but then when you start wearing them its not ebarassing to talk about it.

the age women tend to develope there breast is 12 years old

Whenever you are ready for it. If you have just slightly developed but not enough for a cup bra then it is the perfect time!

the only way is to tell her or ask her when she first started to wear bras

Most girls start in 4th grade but really you can start whenever you think needed. A lot of girls are completely flat even in 5th grade.

One cannot determine when to start wearing a real bra by the girls age, it all depends on weather you need it or not, but usually girls start to wearing training bras/ crop tops underneath their shirts when they are 10-12 years of age, then you start to wear a normal bra when you feel that you need one.

You start when you start noticing that your nipples are pokey and you can see them. you usually want to start out with a 28A but uf theyre bigger then adjust. Mine personally used to be very small and i was at 34B's for a while but i got a MAJOR growth spurt (for my breasts) and now im wearing 32D

If you have just started wearing bras at a young age i guess it is better and is less painful.

It is logic for girls to wear cup shaped bras to cope with shape of their breasts.

When you can see your nipples through your shirt, or when you start to get uncomfterable with not wearing one. by middle school you should be in at least a trainer bra.

Muslim women are to start wearing the burqa at puberty or earlier.

Observant Muslim women wear bras, but they do not expose their cleavage. They do this by wearing shirts with high necklines.

Normally when they start the early stages of purberty, which can be as young as 8 (2nd grade) This is when they start developing breast buds. Most start around here with training bras or sports bras. Most start any from 10-12 (4th-6th grade)with normal bras.

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