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How do you start without a key?


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Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

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how to start a 1993 chevy tahoe without a key

It can be, you just have to break the switch

most older trucks can be started without a key

You can start your 2004 Rodeo without a keyless entry key. Remove the keyless entry fuse and use your ignition key to start the vehicle.

no if there is a car that has a chip in key then it should not start without one if it does then your cars censor for that is messed up

take the plastics off and drill the key slot

But you need a key to start a car . Impossible

You have the dealer or a locksmith make a new key.

You can start it very easily, Cut the wires leading to the key and if there is only 2 you should be able to recreate the currency of a key and start it up.

Make sure you have the right key, with the right memory chip in the key. If it's a plain key that was made, without the factory chip, it will not start. Tom..

You need to do what is called hot wiring if you want to start your Toyota Hilux without the key.

Go to a locksmith! Of course

Cut the wires leading to the key and if there is only 2 you should be able to recreate the currency of a key and start it up.

If you are trying to start your own scooter without a key, you can either use a flat head screwdriver in the ignition, or by hot wiring it. Do not attempt to start someone else's scooter this way, as it is illegal.

If your computer is set to start from the keyboard, the proper key will show in the BIOS setup.

no, you have to have the key. The car is paired with one key, and one key alone. If you do not have the key, the car does not have the right code to start.

All you have to do is insert the proper programmed key and start the engine.

just do what i did and take out the tumblers that the key slides over.

Turn the key to "on" without starting the engine......leave it in that position for about 1-2 minutes.....then turn the key to "off" (without trying to start the engine) remove the key completely.......wait about 15 seconds then insert key and start a normal should start....Bill in Evans

The ignition lock seems to be broken.

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