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you should be able to start your jimmy up right after you install your new battery...if it doesnt, I would replace or clean your battery cable terminals and see if that works!

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βˆ™ 2007-12-07 19:57:56
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Q: How do you start your 01 Jimmy after you installed a new battery?
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Your Massey Ferguson 35 will not start unless you jump start it from your car is a new battery needed?

new battery installed . push starter and all I get Is a humming sound . wont turnover though

What is wrong if a 90 Firebird will not start after a new battery was installed and the cables were crossed?

check your main fuses

What would cause a clicking sound on a 1998 lumina and not start after a new starter is installed?

Use battery load tester and properly test battery. When battery fails, replace it.

Why is there no power after a new battery has been installed?

The Do

I installed a new battery on my Bayou 220 1999 and there is no lights or power anywhere. Is there a fuse somewhere?

Have the new battery tested. It should read 12.68 volts across the posts. It could be dead.Did you have this condition before the new battery was installed?

Remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed How do you get it to work again?

If the remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the remote, the remote needs to be reprogrammed. If the remote starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the vehicle, the computer might need to be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

1991 jeep grand wagoneer will not start although battery is good and just installed new plugs engine will turn but will not start Why?

Check the fuel pump to see if it is running.

Why would the battery light of a 98 Pontiac Sunfire come on after a new battery was installed?

You have a bad alternator.

Your mazda626 1995 model wont start even after you installed a new battery it jst acts like its gonna start guess that's cranking but it doesnt start wt can you do to fix this problem?

Answer: Check your starter

How can a new battery still go flat with new alternator installed?

If you install a new battery & new alternator and the battery runs down overnight then you have something pulling power from the battery. Look for any light on the vehicle that is on or a relay that is stuck.

Battery not charging?

battery tests good, alternator tests good, new voltage regulator installed and still no charge to battery from altanator .

How do you change battery on BMW X5?

You take it to a dealer. The computer on the X5 needs to be told a new battery has been installed. Essentially the new battery needs registered to the vehicle.

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