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How do you stay faithful to a man in jail?

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2007-05-18 06:48:09

Most people don't go to jail for nothing! Why is it when a man

or woman is away that some mates simply say "I don't think I can be

faithful?" I often wonder that. What about saying, "I would never

suspect him/her doing that and I'm angry and scared!" What is so

important about replacing that person so quickly whether they are

good people or bad! I'd think more about yourself and where you are

going with your own life. I also think you should start working on

being more independent and not relying on a man all the time. Women

are simply not whole in mind, body and spirit if they can't be

their own best friend; know their strengths and weakness' and

remind themselves that they can get along without a man constantly

in their lives.

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