How do you steep a tea bag?

Brewing tea is an art. Start with a warm tea pot. Pour a bit of hot water in it to warm it up and then pour out. Fill the pot with the number of cups of boiling water you wish. Then place one tea bag for each cup. Let them sit for about five minutes, more or less according to the strength of tea that you want. If you leave it too long it will get bitter. Remove tea bags and pour into cups! You can also do it with a single cup. I like to cover the cup with a saucer while it steeps.

Pour very hotwater over the tea bag. Dunk it up and down 2-3 times. Cover the tea container. Depending on how strong you want the tea depends on how long you keep the tea bag in the cup that is covered aout 5-7 minutes or steeped. Remove the tea bag and add lemon,or sugar, or cream. Or lemon and sugar or cream and sugar. (But no, no, no--don't add lemon AND cream because the lemon juice will curdle your cream.)