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Hair growth is not determined by ethnicity. The difference is that black hair, in spite of what may be a kinky rough texture, is surprisingly delicate and prone to breakage. This means that your hair is growing well, but may be breaking off so it appears to grow slowly or not at all. To reduce or eliminate breakage, handle your hair as little as possible. Use protective styles where the ends are protected, and cover your hair at night with a satin scarf. Before washing use an oil treatment, then wash with moisturizing shampoo. Black hair needs moisture more than anything so a deep moisturizing conditioner followed by a leave-in conditioner will give super results. Flax seed gel, aloe vera mixed with coconut oil and Tea Tree oil are wonderful natural moisturizers. Detangle first with fingers, then comb gently with wide tooth comb. To seal in the moisture, use a small amount of Shea butter on hair, with an extra dab on dry ends.

Consider using rosemary oil, grape seed oil, or lavender essential oil mixed in olive oil on your scalp to stimulate hair growth. The supplements Saw Palmetto and Nettles and green tea extract are reported to assist with hair growth. Another great hair moisturizer and scalp stimulator is aloe vera gel. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake. Reducing stress, getting proper sleep, fatty foods, fried foods, sugar, and increasing intake of fresh fruits and vegetables helps provide proper nutrition for hair growth in African Americans.


An African-American woman told me that unfortunately, hair doesn't grow at the same rate for everyone. It is quite foolish to believe the contrary since, by definition, we all come from various climates and our bodies grew accustomed to different conditions. African-American people DO have slower growing hair. The ones having the fastest growing being Asians.

I don't have much experience with this type of hair but an experimented hairdresser will surely be able to help you out. In the meantime, if you can't help it to grow longer, pay attention to breakage, dryness etc.


I think there maybe some African ethnic groups whose hair grows very slowly, but personally I think that most Afircan-American and Afro-Caribbean peoples hair grows at the same rate as most White Americans. Most information I have read says that hair grows 6 inches a year on average. I am Afro-Caribbean and my hair grows a little over the average of 6 inches a year. I think the question should be how to stimulate faster hair growth. First off make sure you have a good diet with lost of veggies and protein, also drink lots of water. You can also take a hair vitamin supplement. Also scalp massages and cardio exercise can help stimulate faster growth.


To stimulate hair growth:

Sulphur, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil (mixed with a base oil), biotin supplements, washing hair every week at the longest. Wild Growth Hair Oil, MTG and some have even found that Neosporin or anti-fungal creams also yield results. Check YouTube for videos about this.

These products work because they contain elements that kill yeast and bacteria. Yeast and bacteria are more likely to proliferate on a scalp that isn't clean. African-American hair tends to be washed less regularly because it is fragile and reverts with water as well as to retain hair styles. My advice, immediately begin washing your hair twice to three times more often than you do and choose one of the above to stick with for a month. You will see results.


That is true. Products that contain key ingredients such as Sulfur and Zinc have proved to be great growth stimulants. SULU Max Grow and MTG are products that many African-American women have tried, and have gotten fast growth results. Many of these women have posted their results on You Tube, or personal blog spots, or hair journey albums. I personally have had great results as well with filling in hair line, and growing out my hair during stretching my relaxer. My plan is to continue to use these products until I reach my waist length hair goal.

Hair has a specific lifespan usually between 7- 12 years it goes through 3 cycles anogen the growing cycle : catogen the stopping phase and telogen when the hair falls out. This cycle repeats throughout your lifespan and as the hair falls out a new one grows in, that is the simple form for normal hair growth. Some hairs are not replaced for whatever reason -- male pattern baldness, alopecia, etc, or the hair has reached its own life span.

Normally hair will grow on average 6 inches per year approx. 1/2 an inch per month. Taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet are all good for the body, but only the body can determine where these vitamins go. So if you are fit, healthy, and not on any medication you may get some benefit from supplements in your hair. The hair is fed via the blood supply and with oxygen in the blood supply, and for this reason both the hair and the skin are known as the scrap yard of the body they get what is left over after the body has taken what it needs from the blood supply, basic Biology as for length hair will only grow as long as the lifespan allows if you think about the previous growth patterns that will tell you how long hair can grow. Hair around the front of the hairline usually only grows for 2-3 years again this is determined by the blood supply to that area.

Brushing hair using a hard brush stimulates the scalp as well as detangling the hair. Soft brushes do not penetrate into the scalp, so brushing is contained to the surface, i.e. the hair only.

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What does stimulate hair growth mean?

Stimulates hair growth vitamin A

What is the relationship between Muccopolysaccharides and hair growth?

Muccopolysaccharides are used to stimulate hair growth.

Does coitus stimulate facial hair growth?


Does Nisim Shampoo work for regrowth of hair?

Nisim shampoo only works to prevent further hair loss. It does not stimulate hair growth. The Nisim company makes a shampoo called Fast that does stimulate hair growth.

How do you stimulate pubic hair growth?

You first must hit puberty.

What are 2 products proven to stimulate hair growth?

vinegar fish

Why do beards grow?

Beards are simply hair folicles, their growth is no different than your hair. However, women do not have the needed hormones in order to stimulate facial hair growth.

Which sex characteristics are common to males and females?

pubic hair growth.

Does brushing and massaging your hair stimulate hair growth?

Yes. If you massage the scalp you promote blood flow and this makes the hair grow a little quicker and it is healthier.

What happens during puberty to both males and females?

In males and females, the reproductive system becomes mature. Also there is growth of hair in the pubic regions and overall growth of body.

What physical changes do males and females experience at puberty?

height,weight,age,body growth and growth of pubic hair

Should you cut hair on the nipples if a boy?

No reason to do so. Hair growth on the areola is normal in males and not uncommon in females. There are no health issues present in this normal growth.

What causes hair loss in teenage girls?

Anorexia, lack of vitamins, or a lack of a special hormone that causes hair growth. You can see the doctor for special shots for hormones, or a special wash to stimulate more growth.

What are suggestions for reversing thinning hair in the front and make hair grow faster?

Using a comb and slightly massaging the scalp does stimulate hair growth a little, as far as reversing, Idk about that.

How do you make your hair grow longer?

Exposure to strong sunlight on a daily basis and certain vitamin supplements have been known to increase hair growth. Regular massage of the area/s in question should stimulate growth to.

How do you stimulate eyebrow growth?

Well it usually takes around 1-2, maybe even 3 weeks for your eyebrows to grow back (assuming they are totally gone), and you can use mascara in the mean time or just fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. You can stimulate the hair growth by brushing the hair follicles with a soft toothbrush or by using Rogaine.

Can rubbing of nails against each other helps to grow facial hair?

No it does not help to grow facial hair. But rubbing your fingernails helps to stimulate scalp hair growth, reverse graying and prevent hair loss.

How do you make short hair grow back quickly?

To make short hair grow back quickly brush it frequently and for long periods. This will stimulate bloodflow to the scalp and increase hair growth rates.

Can waxing one part of your body stimulate hair growth in another parts of your body?

No it cannot. It will only make the part you just had waxed grow less often and the hair thinner

Are there any at-home remedies to increase hair growth in men?

Eating a diet high in protein can help to stimulate hair growth. Additionally, essentiall oils such as lavendar or tea tree rubbed into your scalp have also been claimed to restore hair growth. Ultimately, all of these actions may be limited in their efficacy if you are naturally prone to hair lose or thinning.

Will hair serum help to grow hair?

Products doesn't do anything for how fast your hair will grow. They do make your hair feel good and style better. The best way to stimulate the hair growth is scalp massage. Try not to put products on your scalp, it is not good for it.

What changes occur in both males and females during puberty?

In both males and females, the voice depends, but for females its much less drastic than males. They also both grow pubic hair in their private parts and arm pits, and more hair growth on their legs.

Does olive oil help facial hair get darker if you rub olive oil all over your face?

No it doesn't but it will stimulate your hair follicles because it Is made to make your hair grow. But it will increase the growth rate of your facial hair because your rubbing your face which is increasing the blood cirrulation in the hair follicles and stimulating the hairs resulting in increased growth rate of your facial hair.

What physical changes occur in females during puberty?

Growth spurt body odor foot growth growing pains breast growth menstration pubic, leg & underarm hair oily hair acne oily skin Vaginal growth and development discharge from the vagina. Weight gain.

What bodily functions is not affected by metabolism?

hair growth