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it takes time to train your dog.Well,once you see your dog about to squat you need to pick up that dog and run as fast as you can to whatever or wherever you want your dog to use the restroom at.Then, praise your dog.It's ok if your dog goes on the way there because you tried.but as long as you take the dog to the same spot every time and you praise your dog when it goes there your dog will be trained to go in that spot/area.

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Q: How do you stop a dog from peepping on floor?
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How do you stop a dog from going poo on the floor?


How do you squeeze the gland to stop the dog from rubbing it on the floor?

How can I stop our dog to wipe her bum on the carpet or snow. How can I squeeze the gland out from her bum.

What should I say to my dog who pees randomly in our house?

to stop peeing on your floor?

Can anything be put down on the floor to stop a dog from going to the bathroom on the floor?

There are sprays to detour them from eliminating there. Your best bet is to hire a trainer to help you housebreak the dog though.

How can you stop your dog from jumping up?

If your dog tries to jump up, place them back on the floor. You can also use a knee to block them or you can turn your back on them.

Past tense of the dog lies on the floor?

The dog laid on the floor.

Will mopping a laminate floor with vinegar stop a dog from urinating on it?

Actually, it is ammonia that signals a dog where to mark, because ammonia is a component of urine. Vinegar will neutralize it.

How do you stop your dog malting?

you cant but you can get brushes thart brush out 99% of loose hair reducing the amount of hair on the floor!

How can I stop dog from chasing my car?

Lay on your floor and bury your eyes into your hands. You can also just bring a treat around wherever you go. If you have a dog whistle, put it to use.

What would cause your dog to keep licking the hardwood floors?

If your dog is liking the floor then put in the floor that will not harm your dog but tastes horrible to your dog.

How will you make your dog stop scooting across the floor?

Drain their anal glands {sacs}, and that should solve the problem. If not, I would treat him/her for worms.

What do i do when my dog won't stop licking her privates when shes on her period is the normal?

Let her continue to groom herself as she sees fit. You won't get anywhere trying to stop it and if you did then you would have blood all over your floor, as I do. Accept your blessing of a self-grooming dog and be thankful.

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