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You cannot because it is completley natural.

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Q: How do you stop a dog from raising its leg to pee?
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Why would a female dog raise their hind leg to pee?

a male dog really do this . they do it so they can cortol where they pee

How do you sign dog pee?

because it is yellow and dogs lift their leg up when they pee.

How do you get dog pee off your leg?

You wash your leg really good with water and soap.

What do you do if your dog is chasing you down trying to pee on your leg?

Tap him and say no or either you can run

How do you get a dog to stop urinating when they get nervous or scared?

well its natural for a dog to do that but if you can stop it from getting scared by whatever it is then you can stop the pee!

What does it mean when your dog lifts his leg on a person?

It means your dog is going to pee on that person. You know why YOU DON'T TRAIN IT RIGHT THATS WHY IT DOES THAT

Why does a dog picks is leg up?

Assuming you mean to pee; they do this to better urinate on objects to mark their territory.

If your dog puts his leg up to pee does that mean he is all grown up?

No all male dogs, from puppy to grown up, do this.

What happens when you dye your hair purple and add dog pee?

Try it & let us know. Maybe u start lifting your leg.

Why doesnt your boy dog lift up his leg when he pees?

He is probably still too young most male dogs don't raise their leg to pee until they are about a year or so old

Do guinea pigs pee with their leg?


What are signs that a dog has to use the bathroom?

He lifts his leg to pee on couch or squats to take dump on your new berber carpeting. Hope this answered your question.