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You have to learn to be responsible for what is best for YOU. Sometimes you just have to say "no" when someone is trying to manipulate the situation.

AnswerI am also struggling with this situation. We feel for other people, narcissists do not. I know in my heart it is best for me to stay away but it does not make it any easier to turn our backs on those we love/have loved.

I keep reminding myself of all the disappointment that came with broken promises. I repeat the lies to myself that he told. I remember how he mislead me.

Each day that goes by I feel stronger. As cliche as it sounds, time really does seem to be helping me.

I feel sympathy because I have accepted there is no hope for the majority of narcissists. I will always love him in my heart but the pain is something I can no longer go through. I thought my unconditional love was going to teach him but it doesn't. Sometimes we just have to accept and move on and love silently.

And, the big factor that has helped me, is discovering this forum. Reading it each time I feel weak and want to go back. It truly has given me strength.

Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time. Best of luck Michele

AnswerI agree. I am now over him. But for months I cam on FAQ just to remind myself why NOT to take him back. It was very hard at times to not pick up the phone. This site was my saving grace. But I didnt have not been in touch with him. Now I just look back as I move forward and think holy crap I am so fortunate that that parasite is outa my life as I was on the way to being ruined.


I think like it has been mentioned before, you just have to remind yourself of all the things that this monster has made you go through. All the lies, broken promises, and disappointments. The things that hurt the most are the heart things.

It has been very hard for me too. There have been times that I wonder if I am doing wrong in keeping him away from me but as I told you, remind yourself of all the ofenses and ask yourself if you just want to go back to that. TRUST IS NO LONGER THERE and there is no way to bring it back.

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Q: How do you stop feeling sorry for your narcissist and stay strong enough to keep him out of your life and walk away when he plays the sympathy card with you?
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