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Well there is no relationship without trust so if you can't trust then you might as well not be with them trust should be the first step

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Q: How do you stop spying your spouse and start trusting?
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How can I stop my wife from spying on my phone?

She's Not

How do you stop Google spying on you?

turn off your location

How do you stop manipulating people?

Quit spying, stop gathering information on people that are innocent.

How would one go about trusting their spouse when their spouse gets phone calls from ex lovers all the time especiallly when they come to town?

I would hope you would have told your spouse to let the callers know each time they call "I am involved now, and speaking with you is innapropriate, please don't call me anymore" If they have done that, the phone should eventually stop ringing. If the calls don't stop, you should have a serious talk about how it makes you feel.

How do I stop verbally abusing my spouse?

You can stop verbally abusing your spouse by appreciating her role in the family.

Relocation Centers?

the Japanese internment camps in the US, to stop any spying, conspiracy, etc.

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How do you stop a spouse from getting credit?

That is the decision of a lender not the spouse who wishes to prevent the action.

When do ex-spouse pension benefits stop?

Ex-spouse pension benefits usually stop when the ex-spouse who is receiving them remarries, unless there are specific terms outlined in the divorce agreement stating otherwise.

Why would your boyfriend have pictures of model girls on his computer and should you mention it to him if you're afraid he might think you're spying on him?

Stop spying on him. You cant be there 24/7 so he needs porn, simple as that.

Can you stop a ex spouse from cdrp in Washington?

No, you cannot stop an ex-spouse from receiving her share of CDRP. CDRP was enacted to be a "win-win" situation for both the ex-military member and the former spouse, to ensure the former spouse retains the benefits awarded them in the divorce proceedings.

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Everything from isolating certain religious groups to full spying actions. Religious wars are still happening today!