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How do you stop your baby from crying?

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As long as your baby doesn't have a fever try the good old rocking chair. Babies generally loved to be held close and rocked. I've heard that some parents have had to take their baby for a drive and the motion of the car has put them to sleep.

If the crying continues for more than 4 - 5 days it would be a good idea to take the baby to the doctor to be sure there is nothing wrong. Perhaps (if you are breast feeding) the baby isn't getting enough milk, or, the baby could have colic, etc. See the doctor!

AnswerI agree with the first answer, but I thought I'd contribute my rules of thumb.

When a baby is crying and it seems like you're doing everything imaginable but the crying won't subside, what you need to remember is to relax..take a deep breath..and calm down. A baby can tell when its caretaker is uneasy. They will reflect the emotion that they feel coming from you. To answer this question, it honestly depends on how old the baby is. But in general..ask yourself these questions:

1.) How long has it been since the last time that they ate?

2.) Do they need to burp? They could have a lot of gas that will make them cry for hours. If it's not a burp, the baby could be crying because he/she has to poo. To some babies, this is painful, or just a foreign feeling to them. Help them out by buying Mylicon from Walmart or any other grocery store. It eases the pain, and allows the gas to pass through easier.

3.) how long has it been since you last changed your baby?

4.) Is the baby colic? Sometimes, babies will have extremely bad acid reflux. This will make it burn their esophagus after they eat, which in turn will make them want to eat more because it feels better when the milk is going down. However, they will cry and cry afterwards because it hurts. I would recommend not feeding them just to sooth the pain. If this is the case, but some warm water into a bottle with a teaspoon of cyro syrup (makes it kind of sweet)..this should soothe them without hurting your breasts, and without over feeding them which would lead to an upset stomach and throw up.

5.) Is the baby sleepy? Rock the baby, sing to the baby, pat the baby's bottom

6.) The baby just might want to be left alone (not really alone). Lay the baby on a blanket on the floor; sit beside them and let them see their surroundings. Some babies feel too smothered by arms and want to be a little more free ((This depends on the age of the baby; If you're speaking of a newborn, then this probably isn't the way to go)).

And finally 7.) If this is a newborn that you're speaking of, try swaddling the baby. They were cooped up for so long in the fetal position, that it feels to them as if they are not safe and secure if they are not wrapped tightly (not too tight).

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it is song sung for crying baby, to get baby to stop crying. ANSWER Perhaps it is a song for the mother. It is sung to soothe the mother's nerves when the baby refuses to stop crying.

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It is good, in most cases it stop the baby from crying and screaming.

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Yes they can. If a baby cant stop crying and it senses your stress it will cry even more. so if a baby is crying make it happy and pretend your calm! :)

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It certainly depends on why the baby is crying; the baby could be hungry, in need of a diaper change, needing a burp, too hot or cold, uncomfortable, or needs some quiet movement such as rocking.

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A pasifire is a object that is nice and rubbery for a baby to suck on so it will stop crying.

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Slowly pat the new born baby on her/his back. If that doesn't work they are hungry or you have to change his or her dipper.

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Crying at 20 weeks pregnant will it harm your baby?

no, crying will not harm the baby

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no, baby won't die from crying.. it is only a sign that he/she needs something. maybe he/she is hungry or sleepy, ... and crying is how baby communicates...

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Figure out what's wrong with her. She's crying for a reason. It's her only way to communicate. Just the same as you can speak, she cries, figure out why she's crying and then you'll have your answer.

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How do you make a baby stop crying?

when a baby is crying, it really helps to hold its abdomin in a fussy baby position and listen to calm classical music with calming piano and/or violin.! really works! When a baby won't stop crying you should do one of the following: A. Cradle the baby in your arms. B. Feed the baby. C. Burp the baby. D. Change the babies diaper. Crying is communication. From boredom through to 'the end of the world', each cry is different and has a particular significance. In time you will recognize what each cry means. In addition, many babies have a daily 'crying time' that you can set your watch by. It doesn't mean anything and they will grow out of it. The big challenge is to calm yourself. If the baby senses your stress it will become anxious and cry even more.

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