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Q: How do you store CD's electronically?
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How does a flash disk store data electronically?

There are segments or sectors in which data is electronically stored. Emanet

Where would one find CDs of Live mocha?

One would find CDs of Live Mocha by going to the online iTunes store. The iTunes store has CDs of Live Mocha, but they are electronic CDs and not physical copies.

Can a 500gb store cds on it?

You can store a LOT of CD's on a 500GB drive !

What do CDs use to store data?


How many cds can 160 gigabyte iPod store?

people can only answer this if they know how many songs are on your cds sorry

What is the cheapest store for cds?

best buy, frys, and cosco

what- An electronics store is having a sale. Every CD in the store is the same price, and every DVD in the store is the same price.David buys 8 CDs and 10 DVDs for $174. Michelle buys 3 CDs and 1 DVD for $35. Which statement must be true?

the price of CDs is $8, and the price and DVDs is $11

What is a 5 disc CD changer?

It is a changer that you can load & store 5 CDs into and play any of these CDs you want and any time.

Ellen has 150 CDs She wants to store an equal number of CDs in 2 containers. How many CDs should Ellen put in each container?

It’s 75 and love your pro

With computers mapmakers can store process and display map data electronically?


A media company divides 1 million copies of a new music CD into 100 equal groups before shipping the CDs to 100 stores How many CDs is the company shipping to each store?

1,000,000 CDs / 100 Stores = 10,000 CDs per store I very much hope this question was asked by a young child...

Where do you get an action replay CD?

A store that sells action replay CDs