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Its really easy to straighten your hair with a hair-dryer.

To straighten your hair using a hair-dryer you need to comb/brush your hair then get a hair-dryer and put the heat level on high for about 20 seconds whilst combing/brushing.

Then turn the hair-dryer off and just your hair will be straight. It may be frizzy but for this you can use hairspray to flatten.

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2017-09-18 13:59:12
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Q: How do you straighten the hair using the hair dryer?
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How can you straighten your hair?

You can straighten your hair wish a blow dryer, a flat iron/hair straightener, or with chemicals.

Can you use a blow dryer to straighten hair that is already dry?

Using a blow dryer to straight dry hair it doesn't work, in fact it would probably dry it out. I would first the comb the hair after washing it then pin half your hair up and work on straighten your hair the hair dryer. It might work or not but good luck.

What is the difference between a hair dryer and a hair straightener?

A dryer is used when the hair is wet to dry and style hair. A straightener is used to straighten dry hair.

How can you straighten hair without damaging and without using a blow dryer?

use a straightening serum or a heat protection spray that you can get at most shops !!

How do you easily straighten your hair without a flat iron or a hair dryer?

You can't unless its naturally straight genius.

Are there any alternative to teasing hair?

if you are looking for volume you can straighten your hair pulling up. Then hold it there till it cools. Another way to to use a round brush and a hair dryer using the same technique.

How do you straighten hair fast?

you ca straighten your hair fast by using a flat iron or getting a relaxer (perm)

Can you straighten your hair with hair dryer?

Yes, you can. You need to buy a straightening brush from a drug store. All you do is point the dryer straight down over your wet hair and comb through it with the brush. Ta-da!

Are there any shampoos that straighten African American hair without relaxing?

There are no shampoos that straighten African American hair. Ways of straighten the hair is by a relaxer, using a flat iron or by blow drying it straight.

How do you straighten frizzy hair?

By using straighteners or a straightening iron.

How straighten hair with out using straitner?

brush it brush it and brush it

How does a hair dryer dry your hair?

A hair dryer blows hot air, that it generates, using electricity, to make your hair, no longer wet, but dry.

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