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How do you study for pre-med?

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As a general rule, students wishing to carry on to graduate school and study medicine within the US, do not major in premed. Instead they study a series of courses from a range of departments covering basic Biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.These courses are no different to those that would be covered by freshmen majoring in any of those subjects. Premed students tend to major in one of the sciences although estimates are that up to a quarter end up majoring in the humanities.

2009-12-18 16:03:20
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Do you have to attend a premed school to get into a medical school?

Not necessarily, it depends on the country you want to study medicine in or the ype of medical program at the university.

Is Rutgers university good for premed?

Yes, Rutgers University is good for premed. To get into Rutgers, one will need to apply at the admissions office.

What colleges offer a premed program?

ITT Technical Institute as well as the University Of Phoenix offer a premed program. There are many online colleges that offers a premed course, the two universities mentioned previously being merely a few.

What causes do you need to study to be a surgeon?

To be a surgeon, you should take math and science classes in high school, then take biology or premed classes in college and go to medical school.

How do you get a bachelor of medicine?

You would need to major in premed.

What kind of courses should you take in high school if you want to become a neurologist and would it be better to major in neuroscience or premed?

Premed is not a major. You can major in neuroscience but it would be best to take it as a minor and major in biology.

What are the best premed universities with Division III football teams?

Wabash College

Which are the best colleges for premaid?

First of all, you need to write better English ("premed" not "premaid") if you hope to get into medical school some day.Premed programs at nearly any public four-year institution in the United States are good, as are the premed programs at private schools in the Ivy League, Stanford, etc. If money is a factor, there are strong premed programs at community colleges, too--check out the ones in your area.However, keep in mind that you don't necessarily need a premed degree to go into medical school. As long as you meet the course admission requirements for a later medical degree program, it might be worth considering majoring in something else (e.g. American literature, mathematics, history, etc.).

Do you have to have a premed degree to get into med school?

No you don't, you can apply with any degree attained from a recognized institution.

What degrees does it take to be a biologist?

It takes two, one in premed and the other in biology. Zaragotha (Zara)

What are your opinions on Virginia commonwealth university?

Great art school. Great basketball team. Good premed program.

Do you need 3 semesters of calculus to be a doctor?

Yes, most premed students do take 3 semesters of calculus in college.

Is pre-med always hyphenated?

No it is not, I see it both ways, pre-med or pre-medical and premed or premedical.

So I plan to be a doctor maybe a surgeon What is the difference between majoring in premed and anatomy or biology and can you still get into med school if you don't major in premed?

pre-med is the major you need to fufill because it gives you all the presiquites course you need to apply to medical school biology is a field of study and antomony is a course you take if you major in the sciences believe it or not biochemistry or chemistry is a excellent major to help prepare you to medical school it fufills all the requirements studies have shown that chemistry and physical science majors to better on the mcat the biology majors.

Can i become a nurse anesthetist if i have a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences very similar to Premed?

Yes, but you'll need to get your RN first.

Should one definitely be premed if they want to go into public health or is studying public health at an undergrad level and taking some sciencemath good enough if your major is in the liberal arts?

I guess the real answer is it depends what you want to do in public health. No, you do not need to take the premed track if you would like to be a public health professional. In fact, you do not need any of the premed science requirements to get in to most MPH programs. Figure out what in public health you would like to do first (epidemiology, global health, health promotion, health policy, etc).

What paying jobs should a premed student get that would give her great experience and would look good in her application?

Volunteer jobs in a hospital

What college courses are needed to become a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a doctor--an M.D. You would need premed courses, and then you would have to go to medical school.

What colleges or universities in Florida offer premed courses?

university of of florida........jacksonville university.......barry university. good stuff

What should I major in if I want to be an orthodontist?

You need to take premed courses if you want to get into a good dental school. Generally that means you major in biology.

What do you major in college to become a radiologist?

One can become a radiologist by earning relevant certificates or an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in the field of radiography. An associate's degree in radiography is the most common path to become a radiologist. If you would like to go to medical school and become a radiologist, you should study premed subjects, such as biology.

Do you have to get an a in biology to become a surgeon?

It definitly helps, to get into a good biology or premed college, but if you want to become a surgeon that badly then you should improve your biology grades definitly. On the other hand, you don't necessarily NEED an A, a B would suffice to get into a decent or semi-decent premed school. Just work hard and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Good luck!

Will you get accepted into medical school if premed is not your major?

pre-med isn't a major its more like a list of extra classes that are required to apply to medical school

How many years to you go to college to be a medical doctor?

Typically, there are four premed years followed by four medical school years for a total of eight years.

What part of your foot begins with letter I?

i cant be 100% since im only starting premed but i cant think of anything unless you count ingrown toenails