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First I would suggest reading the book titled " Boundaries "By Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

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Q: How do you succeed over emotionally abusive husband?
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How do you succeed over the mentally abusive husband?

Tell your friends you need them to come with you to collect your stuff from your place and just leave. Then call the police and put a restraining order against him.

My ex husband is verbally and emotionaly abusive towards me. how can i communicate over our child?

Through a lawyer.

How do you make a verbally abusive husband feel he has no control over you anymore?

by leaving him and staying in you mom's place.

Can divorced women over forty succeed on their own?

Of course they can!! You women out there are just as capable as anyone else in this world. Many women feel they are worthless after they divorce from an abusive husband. However, the divorce was your first successful decision. Now that you have your relationship in the past, you can move on and pursue anything that interests you.

Is the marriage over if your husband can't communicate with you emotionally?

This is a personal problem. Your a an idiot if you need a computer to make a serious descision for you.

Why would a man go back to his emotionally abusive ex wife?

Whether an emotionally abusive ex-wife or an emotionally abusive ex-husband, it seems that some people are unable to break away from a bad relationship. They somehow believe that if they just give it one more try, this time it will be different. Usually, such people are emotionally addicted (or accustomed) to the relationship; they may claim they hated it and can't wait to start all over with someone else, yet they keep being drawn back into the same old drama over and over. It may be that the man (in this case) doesn't want to accept that his marriage is really over; or maybe he still believes somehow he'll find a way to fix the problems; or perhaps he blames himself for the failure of the marriage; or if there are children, he may feel a duty to keep the relationship alive because the kids want to see mom and dad together. People who return to bad marriages, whatever their explanation for doing so, usually need counseling in order to truly break the pattern and create a new and healthy relationship.

When a father makes his son cry just by picking on him is that abuse?

yes i think that it is abusive to the kid emotionally and mentally because it gets on the kids nerves and over time it will effect the kid.

He is very verbally abusive to me and I have never met her. Do I have to allow my ex-husband and his fiance come to my children's events?

Yes. You have no control over who accompanies him to such events. If he is abusive toward you then discuss the situation with your attorney and take the matter to court if necessary.

Why does an abusive husband not trust his wife?

Because he is insecure. It has nothing to do with the wife's actions. Or he simply wants to assert control over her. Again tho that's because of insecurity.

How can a Christian wife be submissive to her husband who say he is a Christian but yet is verbally abusive to you?

#1. he is your husband and you need to respect him if he verbally abuseve then i would sugest to talk to him about it never hide things from your husband talk it over and if still does not listen then do something about it....and you know what i mean if he really loves you he will change

How do you leave an emotionally abusive family?

yes you should because verbally and emotionally abusing someone is wrong and the person that is receiving that doesn't deserve it...AnswerIf your husband is on any medications then look up the side effects on Type in the name of the drug. Sometimes people on medications can have varied personality changes. If this isn't the case then suggest that either he goes with you to some type of counseling or it's over! If he refuses to help himself then yes, it's time to leave. Life is too precious to waste over someone that is miserable, demanding, and verbally abusive. Remember, look up any meds your husband is on and it wouldn't hurt you to see your family doctor and see if there is any way the doctor could get your husband in for a so-called physical to see if there are any reasons for this behavior.

What is the correct punctuation of the sentence Emotionally I felt sad and mad but was relieved that it was over.?

Emotionally, I felt sad and mad but was relieved that it was over.