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Go To Your County Attorney And Get A Packet To Fill A Small Claims Against Person. It Will Cost About $ 16.00. If You Win Your Case, You Can Charge Interest On Money Loaned. And Your Filing Fees Good Luck

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Q: How do you sue someone that owes you money if they signed a notarized contract?
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Does a written personal loan contract need to be witnessed or notarized?

While a personal loan contract may not need to be witnessed or notarized, it is best to have it witnessed and notarized especially if it is for a lot of money. A signed sales receipt will stand up in a court of law.

How do you evict someone not on your lease?

If they haven't paid any money to you, or signed any contract you can just tell them they have to leave

Can someone sue for money if no promissory note it signed?


How do you collect a debt when nothing is signed?

so you mean: No contract signed? sorry to tell you this, but you cant do anything, unless there is a contract signed. Otherwise people could just walk up to someone and claim that they owe him money or something.... If this person is a friend, just talk to him. IF that person is a friend, he will repay the debt. if its not a friend.... good luck...

Can you back out of a car contract in Massachusetts?

I signed a contract yesterday in masschusetts for a car and wish to back out there was no money put down on this vehicle.

If you sign a bill on sale but did not pay anything is the contract binding?

If you signed a contract to buy the car, it is legally binding. That fact that you have not parted with any money is a mute point. You signed the contract, and that is all that matters. Ask the seller if they will release you from the contract and be very nice about it.

How do I collect money when I have a signed contract but person just won't pay?

Via Court of Law

Can you get escrow money back if you changed your mind?

You need to review the contract you signed to determine what terms you agreed to. That contract should be reviewed by an attorney.

I bought a used car that is a lemon and I am suing do I have a chance to win in a Virginia court if I signed an As Is contract?

not a chance of winning!! You signed a contract that stated "as is" do not waste your money on a law suit cut your losses and move on.

Can a private party repossess your vehicle without a signed contract or any proof that you owe then money which you do NOT?

No, they cannot take your vehicle without a signed document.

When does an nfl player receive guranteed money?

Once they have signed a contract or the player received a franchise tag

What legal ramifications can occur if a non notary closed a loan without a notary present and the contract was notarized after you left the closing location?

The borrowers can claim they never signed it before a notary and could have the whole contract dismissed in Court, and keep the money they borrowed. In addition, the notary could be sued by the lender for the total amount of the loan, and the notary would lose their commission.

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