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How do you summons Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh?


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Here are your options: * Fuse 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" ("BEWD") cards with "Polymerization", "Fusion Gate" and/or "Dragon's Mirror" * "Cyber Stein"'s effect (pay 5000 LP to Special Summon a Fusion Monster from your Fusion deck) * Use "Light Hex Sealed Fusion" and its effect and tribute it along with 2 "BEWD"s on your field * Other Fusion Substitute Monsters can be used in the place of one "BEWD" (except in the case of "Future Fusion" where all 3 "BEWD" cards must be sent from your deck to the Graveyard)


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The code for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is SUPREME.

you gotta get 3 of them then get the ritual card from kaiba.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon appears as a Super Rare card in the "World Championship Edition 3" booster pack.

master of dragon knight(black luster soildier on top of blue eyes ultimate),or five god dragon,have 2 of each

Here's the chant: Rainbow Dragon, attack now. Show Blue Eyes White Dragon while you're know as the ultimate powerful legendary dragon in the universe.

Each box set of three Retro Pack 1 cards, comes with a secret rare Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon card.

you have to get the bue eyes ultimate dragon booster pack,buuuuut,i can tell u the code its:89631139 welcome any more code or Q's abuot this game just ask

There is no legitimate card named 'Endless Dragon with Blue Eyes'. It is a counterfeit version of 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon' and is worthless.

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

As with all monsters that have Ritual Spell Cards, you cannot obtain Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as a card by itself via the Password section or as a Spoil. In-game, it can only be Summoned by using the Ultimate Dragon Ritual. Use this ritual when there are three "Blue-eyes White Dragon" cards on the field. You can fuse Megamorph & Dragon Treasure to get the Ultimate Dragon ritual.You can, however, obtain Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon via a cheating device such as Codebreaker or Gameshark. The code for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is 301D03CB 0063.For more codes on other unobtainable cards, click on the "Related Link" below. Note that Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is Card # 380 in the game. This means that it corresponds with the code next to Card 380 on the website.

No in appears in Yugioh Gx and Alexis Brother uses it when he turns evil. He summons Red Eyes Zombie Dragon against Zane Truesdale.

the best monsters in Yugioh are dark magician,dark magician girl,blue eyes white dragon, blue eyes ultimate dragon,paldnet the ultimate magician swordsmen.And the most peacefullest monsters are Egyptian god cards obelisks the tormentor,slifer the sky dragon and the winged dragon of Ra.

Not, the crimson dragon is not a card.

Obilisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Wing Dragon of Ra.

The deck that comes with the Yugioh gods and blue eyes white dragon in the Legendary Collection Collectors set. This set brought together some of the most popular cards from early in the Yugioh series.

Its passcode is: 2-3-9-9-5-3-4-6(You can find other card passwords by looking them up on the Yugioh Wikia at

The Red Eyes B Dragon Yugioh card is worth approximately $1. The price of the Yugioh card may vary depending upon its condition.

go to a pawnshop and trade it for your Firey Soul Dragon.

Lightpulsar Dragon is unlimited in the current TCG. I.e You can use 3 in a deck.

23995346; for an more card codes and the com plete list, go to this website:

Do you mean Polymorization? if so that is the yugioh card which fuses two monster cards together to bring fourth an even more powerful card such FGD or Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Hope this helps! :)

There is this website, yugioh it has every single card.

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