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I am terribly sorry to hear of your sorrow. I don't think a person ever gets over the loss of a child no matter how old they are. Parents raise their children and expect their children to out-live them. When this doesn't happen it is a terrible shock. Although the pain will subside (the memories never will) you will survive. You need time to go through the grieving process and then you need grief counseling provided for parents who have lost children (even at birth.) They are extremely helpful, and you will be introduced to other parents going through the same thing you and your husband (boyfriend) are going through. Many of these couples become good friends, because the 4 know exactly how each other feels. I lost twin sons 3 days after birth. I didn't realize it, but I was walking around like a zombie for a full year. I went to work and did things as normal, but in a robotic fashion. It got to the point I ran out of tears. I felt I had been the one that had caused the problem (I wasn't) and I felt like a part of me had been ripped away. It took time, but the hurt went away and every day I remember my two sons and with my faith know I'll see them one day, but now isn't the time as I have much work to be done. I don't know in what fashion you lost your child, but, if it was due to a disease, caused by drunk driving (even by someone else) drugs, suicide, then it helps to volunteer in that area so you can help other young people in the name of your son. If you lost your child at birth you could take courses in order to counsel parents who do lose their babys. By volunteering in the sector you feel is good for you, you are carrying on your child's name. For now, give yourself time to grieve. We all march to a different drummer when it comes to grieving. I hope you will consider grief counseling because it does help and you are helped by people who know how much you hurt inside. Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: How do you survive the loss of a child?
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