How do you swim breaststroke?

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2013-05-27 01:09:22

Breaststroke is a fairly simple. After you have done your

breaststroke pull-out, you will come up for air. You will then duck

your head back into the water, you will assume the streamline

position. After gliding for a second or two(less if you are

racing.), you will scope your arms in a circular position(keep your

hands visible. If you cannot see your hands, you are doing it

wrong.) while simultaneously "frog kicking". Frog kicking is the

action by which you kick your feet in a circular motion, bringing

them back together very quickly. When you are bringing your feet

back together, you should take a breath then your hands should

shoot back in front of you into streamline position. You repeat

those steps, and you'll be swimming breaststroke! Hope this


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