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Why would you? Fog lights are designed for use in poor driving conditions such as fog or rain at night. Using high beams under those conditions would make matters worse, that's why your vehicles fog lights won't operate when the high beams are on.

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Disable daylight running lights of ford explorer?

The daylight running lights of a Ford Explorer can be turned off by using the manual headlight control switch. Place the switch in the middle position to turn the daytime running lights off. The headlights will then need to be turned on manually at dusk.

How do you turn Google Chrome off and internet explorer on?

There is no need to switch them off or on at a time. You can use internet explorer while Using Chrome too.

How do you adjust headlights on a 1997 Explorer XLT?

The headlights on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT is adjusted using screws behind the lights. One is located on the top and side to allow for full control.

What should you do if you install a dimmer switch in a room and it does not dim the fixture lights?

Some lights won't dim. If you've installed the switch properly, and are using traditional incandescent bulbs (not flourescent, LED, E-L lights or any other very low current light), the dimmer will dim the bulbs. Make sure you're using a dimmable bulb and that the dimmer is installed properly.

How come the rear defrost fuse blow up when using your turn signals on a 1995 explorer limited?

Replace turn sigal switch.

What is the easiest way to replace the complete fog light assembly on a 2001 Ford Explorer?

Just purchase the after market fog lights and disconnect and cut the connectors from the factory lights....attach them to the new lights using the proper connectors and tape with electrical tape and reconnect..

How do you switch the day time running lights from the headlights to your fog lights?

You might have too wire them separately. A small switch would be best. But you can wire the driving lights in to the fog lights.. Use a separate fuse or an inline fuse so you don't over heat the stock wiring!! Also have an electrical test light, they are very handy when finding hot wires:) But id suggest just using a switch with 14 gauge wiring or thicker.. Hope this helps

How do you wire two 3-way switches to 5 lights?

Wire the two 3 way switches using 3 wire cable (red, black, white and bare). Then connect the first light to the others using two wire cable (black, white and bare) kind of like a daisy chain. The power goes to the first 3 way switch, then switch one goes to switch 2 using the 3 wire cable (even though it has 4 wires in there), then the second switch goes to one of the lights. Hope that helps.

Why don't the head lights go down on my 1991 capri?

There are two ways the headlights can go up or down. 1st is by using the light switch on the steering column. The other is a switch just behind the stick shifter. I will sometimes hit it accidently and the lights will pop up. It took me some figuring out...but the simple switch is probably the culprit.

What is wrong with your 2003 Ford Explorer if both brake lights are out but the bulbs aren't bad?

Bad fuse, or brake light switch The wiring to the brake lights are postioned badly right under the tilt steering mechanism...using the tilt steering will eventually cut the wire...i had the same problem in my '01 my opinion, it should have been a recall but i researched and it wasn't listed...hope this helps

How do you check which internet explorer versions you are using?

Check in Help then About Internet explorer Answer: open internet explorer and then open help menu and select about internet explorer and then you can watch wich version using.

What are 4 ways you can save energy at home?

switch off lights when your not using them only boil as much water that you need don't use too much water in the shower switch off the PC when not in use

How do you replace the lights on the steering wheel radio controls for a 2004 LeSabre?

You need to buy and replace the switch. The switch is removed bu using a small flathead screwdirver, and simply prying it out of its hole on the steering wheel. Disconnect the wires, connect to the new switch and replace the switch in it's hole.

What causes a 1994 Toyota corolla tail lights to work but not any of the brake lights?

usually it is a fault with the brake light switch located on the brake pedal arm. there is a plastic button that sometimes disintegrates and no longer allows contact with the switch. Check that first. You can find a replacement by using a body fastener.

What can you do to fix your brake lights on your 1991 Chevy half ton when all your other lights work?

Check all the fuses and replace any that are blown. Check the bulbs for blown elements. Using a test light, check for power going into the brake light switch under the dash attached to the brake pedal. If you have that, check for power going through the switch with the pedal depressed. If there is power, you have a broken wire between the switch and the rear lights.

Why do internet explorer sites pop up when im using msn explorer and how do you stop it?

You are seeing pop up ads because you are 1) using a browser that does not have an effective integrated pop up blocker, and 2) not using a stand alone pop up blocker. To stop them you can either use a reputable stand alone popup blocker and/or switch to a browser such as Firefox that will block them for you.

Is there a way to replace the reverse lights switch on a 1991 Volvo 240 wagon without lowering its manual transmission?

The switch is under the center console, screws are on the sides, at the base of the shifter handle. Try using CNC Contact cleaner and adjusting the switch position before replacing.

What is the file extension for internet explorer?

Since Internet explorer is a program (application) it can vary. If using Windows it is .exe , if using Macintosh, it is .app

0n my last computer could tab different pages and switch between them as required on this lap top I can not do this?

Are you using any program like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Editpad etc?

When driving in fog you can see better by using which lights?

Hazard Lights

Why would you have power to your tail lights when switch is of?

it shows that somewhere on the tail lighting circuit there is some kind of a short circuit,one can test using a multimeter to find the probklem..

How are parallel circuit lights better than series circuit lights using science facts?

In a parallel circuit, there are multiple paths for electricity to flow. So, if one switch is turned off there is still other paths for electricity to flow so the other lights can remain on. However, in a series circuit there is only one path for the electricity to travel. So, if the switch in a series circuit was turned off the electricity would stop flowing causing all the lights to go out.

If a dimmer switch will not turn off completely and one dims the lights off with the dimmer switch is there a chance of causing an electrical fire at the switch?

Your question is a bit unclear and vague, but if you have a dimmer switch and you turn it all the way to its lowest setting then the switch should not fail because of that. If there is nothing wrong with your electrical system then using a device exactly how it was designed to be used then there is no reason why it would catch on fire.

What is the latest version of the internet explorer?

For computers using Windows XP and earlier, Internet Explorer 8 is the newest version. For computers using Windows 7 or Vista, Internet Explorer 9 is the newest version.

How can you switch your home lights off by using an iphone?

To switch your lights off with an Iphone you need to install light switches that communicate with each other and a computer. These switches are can be found by searching for home automation web-stores. There are numerous companies that offer control of equipment via a telephone. See the link below for one product by Smart Home.