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On the panel with the direction and temp-press mode-when you get to the mileage traveled part-press the left button to change it back to miles from kilometers. I played around with it after I did it too, and found out that's how to fix it.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:34:20
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Q: How do you switch the odometer of a 2000 Pontiac Montana to read miles instead of kilometers?
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# Turn your ignition to the ON position # Press the Odometer reset button until the Trip A is displayed # Turn the ignition to OFF # Press and hold the Odometer # Turn the ignition back to ON # Hold the Odometer reset button until the odometer reads 000000 (it will count down from ------ to ----- to ---- etc) The Maint Reqd light should turn off at this time # Turn the ignition back off # If you want to verify that it worked, just turn the ignition back on This does not work on a 2006 Camry. Instead of Trip A, use the odometer display and follow the rest of the instructions.

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Why are there dashes in the odometer instead of numbers in a 2000 Ford Windstar?

AnswerSounds like a disconnected wire\ground or a failed sensor. Odometer gets usually get some of its info from the speed sensor located on the Transmission. I would check the connections of this first.Another possibilityThis symptom (dashes in the odometer) has also been linked to a leaky brake switch.See "Related Questions" below for more and links to an outstanding write-up for replacing the switch.

Can the Motor Mount rubbers be replaced instead of replacing the entire mount on a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM?

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