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Q: How do you take a baffle out of a 2003 Honda rancher es?
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Can you take the baffle out of the muffler of a 2006 Honda TRX 250EX?

yes, just take of the 3 bolts and slide the baffle right out!

Can you take the baffle out of the muffler of a 2003 Honda rincon 250?

Yes. There are 3 screws on the muffler holding it on. Remove those 3 screws and pull the baffle out. Talk a look at the related link for a picture of the baffle. you can see the 3 screws that need to be removed.

What oil does a Honda rancher take?

SAE 10w30

Does Honda rancher have transmission oil?

What kinda does it take

How many quarts of oil does a Honda Rancher 350 take?

2.1 quarts

How much oil does a 2004 Honda rancher 350 take?

2.2 qts

How do you remove baffles from 2008 Honda spirit?

you have too take a punch and punch around the baffle itself all the way around till the baffle is free standing then take a pair of pliers and pull it out. i did this personally and it worked wonders.

What type of oil for a 2007 Honda rancher ATV?

You should have to read the user manual and take the services of your mechanic.

How much oil does a 420 Honda 4 wheeler take?

Rancher 420 holds just under 3 quarts

How do you fix a bad manual shifter shaft seal on a 2004 Honda 350 rancher es?

Take it to your local bike shop

How many quarts of oil does a Honda cbr 600rr take?

How many quarts honda rr 2003

How much freon does a 2003 Honda CR-V take?

1lb 20

What transmission fluid does 2003 Honda Pilot take?

Only Honda ATF z1 fluid don't use anything beside that

What type of coolant does 2003 Honda shadow ace take?

It really is best to get the pre-mix from your Honda dealer. Can't go wrong with this.

How do you take the baffle out of the stock pipe on a fourwheeler?

Some stock pipes have a removeable baffle , others dont . If yours can be removed there should be some bolts or screws at the back of muffler . Remove the screw and the baffle should pull out with a little tugging .

What wait gear oil does a 2003 Honda foreman 450 take?

80w gear oil

How to replace throttle assembly on 2003 Honda CR-V?

All you do is take out the enggine and replace it

Where is air filter on Honda 350 rancher?

Its under seat the big black box in the center. That is air box take out the 2 screws & air filter is in side the airbox.

What is the top speed of the 2003 Honda shadow ace?

About 120mph, give or take. I have the 2002, and that's about as fast as it will go.

How many quarts of oil does the 2003 Honda element take?

5.33 quarts 5w20 with oil filter change

Where can you find Baffle the Bear in Donkey Kong Country 3?

Baffle the bear is in K3 (the snow world) when you find him, take the package to Blue. He will give you a bowling ball. take the bowling ball to Bridgegar Bazooka bear and he'll fire it off

What does a rancher do?

they pretty mutch just take care of the farm

Will it hurt your 07 Honda crf150f to take out your baffle?

no not entirely it just revs harder more quicker that's all so don't twist ur throttle as much as u used to Because the exhaust builds up pressure

If you take the baffle out of a crf 100 will it blow up?

of course not . It will just make it louder . I have a 2003 xr 80 r without a baffle , and it is louder and a little faster than the stock xr 80 , and I've been driving it like that for years and still runs as good as stock . So it does bump up your speed a little , but will let it breath better .

How do you set the time on a 2005 Honda Rancher four wheeler?

take the cam chain cover off and the sprocket will have a little notch or mark on it make sur that is lined up with the other notch that is on the cam shaft