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How do you take apart the headlight assembly in a 2000 GMC Jimmy?

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2009-05-09 21:16:28

== == This also applies to the 2001 GMC Jimmy.

The headlight assembly is held in place as one entire unit.

In between the battery and the headlight assembly unit are two

tabs that when pulled upward (by hand) will release the housing

from the vehicle. (VERY EASY once you know).

The headlight assembly is now held to the vehicle ONLY by wires,

so don't let it drop and break. It's now just a matter of bulb

replacement from the backside of the headlight assembly. Do this by

turning the bulb in it's socket until the little catches line up

with the open slots and poll the light bulb out. Do NOT touch the

glass portion of the new bulb you are installing if it is a halogen

bulb. Doing so will severely shorten the life of the bulb since

contaminants on your hands cause the bulb to quickly overheat and


Once the bulb is changed and plugged back into the wires, put

the headlight assembly back in place by aligning it and poke the

two plastic pegs on the back of the headlight assembly into the two

square holes in the front of the vehicle. Now slide the two tabs

you originally pulled up to release the headlight assembly, back

down into place making sure the "slots" at the bottom of sliding

tabs catch the square plastic pegs on the back of the headlight


Do NOT pound the sliding tabs back down. Doing so will break the

square pegs off of the back of the headlight assembly and pounding

is not necessary if you have them properly in the square holes and

all of the way in. Thank you to whoever first wrote this answer and

to WIKI for making it available.

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