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You need to put it in a small tank or a big tank if you want to add more fish. put a thermomiter for the temprature. give it food at the right time. then you have a very happy fish! Make shure it has the right thing at the right time.

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What do you do with your baby fish?

You will take care of the baby fish

Is there a fish game like howrse?

Bratz fish tank. It's kind of fun. You get to take care of fish and sell them and have baby fish.

Does a clown fish take care of its baby?

of course they do haven't you seen finding nemo?

How do you take care of a baby fish?

just start of with little bits of fish food then start giving it more so then your fish will know when its feeding time is

How do you take care of a wild baby fish?

It is best not to own a baby fish. They will die more quickly, and will have a very unhappy life. It is basically useless to put effort into housing a wild fish, but if you will. It depends on how big, and what species.

How does penguins take care of its young?

it can take care on its own but say if its a baby you will obviously have a mum or dad to take good care of the baby

What do penguins do in the spring?

fish for food to their new born baby penguins or take care of the new born penguins

Do fish take care of their babies?

yes most fish take care of there baby's but some will eat them

What fish game that you have to take care of your fish?

Fish farm

How do you take care of baby snails?

Taking care of a snail will require building it a habitat. You can use a fish tank lined with potting soil and branches for crawling.

How do you take care of a pregnant crab?

you wash it with a damp warm rag and keep it in 65 degrees Fahrenheit and have baby fish for it to it

Are fish easy to take care of?

yes fish are easy to take care of just dont spary anything ontop of the lid/fish tnk

Why does girls generation have to take care of a baby?

It was for a MBC show, Hello Baby. It was a show to help them experience of what it's like to take care of a baby.

Does the guppy take care of its eggs?

A guppy fish is a live bearing fish, but the female generally does not take care of her young, and will eat them.

How do you take care of a baby opossum?

You give it to someone who knows how to take care of it. Like a specialist, or someone with a license to take care of a joey opossum.

How do you care for baby fish?

put them in a separate tank from bigger fish there are many websites you can look at

Can a baby take care of a baby?

That is impossible. They can communicate and connect, but they cannot take care of each other. Besides,,, taking care is not in the dictionary of babies come on :)

How do fish take care of there young?

The fish take care of there young by going out and finding them some food and bringing it back to them and letting them it. When the little fish want to go out the big fish fallow!

How do you take care newborn baby hamster?

The mom will take care of it until its about 4 weeks old then you can take care of it.

What are instrument used for baby care?

diapers is one of the instruments to take care of a baby,,,right?!........

What happens when your Sim has a baby?

...your sim has a baby.... you have to take care of him or her till they are a toddler....okay take care of them for the whole time they are in the household

How do you look after a baby dove?

how do you take care of a baby dove

If a mother goat can't take care of its own baby will the baby be able to take care of its babies?

Every animal is an individual and the baby rearing is instinct.The chances are good the little one will take care of its own young.

How do you take care of a baby skunk?

Don't take care of it or the skunk will probably spray you.

Does jellyfishes take care of there babies?

AnswerJelly fish do not take care of their young as they have not got the brains to teach them. In fact the jelly fish is born, much like a spider, with the instincts already imbedded into their mindsAnswerI suppose you mean the polyp?The polyp holds on to the baby jellies for about 2 weeks.