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Why would you want to by-pass a govenor? I don't recommend trying to increase how far you can extend the accelerator if that is what you mean. The amount of fuel is calculated by the power train control module (PCM) with inputs from the Manifold absolute pressure, Mass air flow sensor, Throttle position sensor and coolant temperature sensor. the PCM controls the Fuel injector pulse width, opening it wider as more air is brought in from the accelerator being depressed.

Maybe the guy wants to go fast??? Go out and purchase a chip (gov eliminator).

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Q: How do you take off a governor off a 2000 Ford Taurus?
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Is a 2000 ford Taurus a good car?

Yes, but like any car you have to take care of maintenance.

How much is a ignition switch for a 2000 Ford Taurus?

The price for an ignition switch for a 2000 Ford Taurus is around $60.00. Installation for an ignition switch will typically take between 60-90 minutes. Labor costs will run around $100.00 for installation.

What viscosity of oil does a 2002 Ford Taurus take?

The 2002 Ford Taurus Owner Guide shows ( 5W-20 )

What volt battery does a Ford Taurus take?


How many gallons take a tank Ford Taurus 1998?

For a 1998 Ford Taurus : ( the gas tank capacity is 16 U.S. gallons )

How many hours does it take to change engine in 2000 Ford Taurus?

It can be done over a weekend for someone that's done an engine swap before.

What kind of brake fluid does a 2005 Ford Taurus take?

DOT ( 3 ) brake fluid ( according to the 2005 Ford Taurus Owner Guide )

What fluid do you put in Ford Taurus power steering reservoir?

All Ford Taurus power steering systems take MERCON V Transmission Fluid.

How do you replace the cigarette lighter assembly in a 1998 Ford Taurus?

I had a 94 & 96 taurus and you had to take the ash tray out to get to it.

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 Ford Taurus ses 3.0 v6 take?

According to the 2000 Ford Taurus Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : The 3.0 liter " Vulcan " V6 engine takes ( 4.5 quarts ) Also , the 3.0 liter " Duratec " DOHC - V6 engine takes ( 5.5 quarts )

What kind of coolant does a 2000 Ford Ranger take?

what type of radiator fluid does a 2000 ford ranger take?

How do you take the governor off a Generation 3 Ford Taurus or Sable?

(This answer Covers the "Generation 3" 1996-1999 Series Ford Motor Company Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable.)The governor is electronically controlled. There are 2 governors on a Generation 3 Taurus/Sable. 1, Rev Governor. This prevents the engine from revving over 4,000 RPM. Anything higher than this at park or neutral can cause extensive damage to the transmission pump. 2, Speed Governor. This is in place because the vehicle can lose control quite easily at higher speeds without suspension modifications, appropriate tires, and driver skill.To remove or "Bump up" the governor limits the vehicle must be tuned aftermarket by a SCT tuning device and a trained professional tuner.

How do you repair muffler on 97 Ford Taurus sho?

take to muffler shop

1997 Ford Taurus wont go in reverse?

If your 1997 Ford Taurus won't go into reverse, there may be a problem with your transmission. You can try checking your levels, but you need to take it to a mechanic.

How do you take wheel off 1994 Ford Taurus to change a flat?

take off the lug nuts..........

What size wiper blades does a 1999 Ford Taurus take?

For a 1999 Ford Taurus the driver side wiper blade is a size 24. The wiper blade on the passenger side is a size 20.

How much does a Ford Taurus weigh?

about 3,800 give or take some where around there...2500

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 92 Ford Taurus take?

12.1 litres

Keyless entry keypad on a 1991 Ford Taurus?

You will need to take it to a Ford dealership. They will hook up a computer to it and that will give the code.

Your 2000 Ford Taurus air bag light is flashing code 37 what does code 37 mean?

It means, take me to a professional and have me repaired. You have no business working on the SRS. Serious injury can occur.

Can a 2008 Ford Taurus take 10W40?

if under warranty its best to use manuf spec

Can and or how can you adjust the struts to keep the wheel straight on a 1989 Ford Taurus?

Take it to an alignment shop

How long does it take to replace a wiper motor for 1994 Ford Taurus?

My mechanic took about an hour.

What kind of transmission fluid does 99 Ford Taurus se take?

According to the 1999 Ford Taurus Owner Guide : ( Motorcraft MERCON - V ) is used in both the AX4N and the AX4S automatic transaxles / transmissions

How many quarts does a Ford Taurus take?

The Ford Taurus has been in continuous production for more than a decade (as of September 2014). Exact capacities are dependent on model year and engine type. The 2014 Ford Taurus with the 3.5L V6 turbocharged has a service fill capacity of 6 quarts 5W30 with filter, for example.