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How do you take out the CD player-tape deck on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier?


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Here This helped me out a whole heap.


Remove the dash

First you have to remove the dash pad, there are 9 screws I think. 2 are under the defrost vent cover, 2 are in the glove compartment, 1 is in side the fuse panel, 1 is in the other panel on the passenger side, and the other 3 are around the rim of the plastic bezel. You have to remove that next, it just pops off. After that, you will see 3 screws that you have to remove from the CD player and then it will come out.


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* Front: 4" x 6" * Rear: 6" x 9" * Front door: 4" x 6" * Rear deck: 6" x 9"

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To remove the rear deck to get the speakers out of a Chevy Cavalier, first the rear seats need to be removed, as do the four clips that hold the trim of the rear dash in place. Next, the trim needs to be removed. Then pull the seat belts out of the slots in the back deck, and pull the slots inward. Next, just pull and wiggle the deck, carefully. The center may need to be slightly bent up. To remove the speakers, push the clips that face outwards, disconnect the wires on the speakers, and the speakers come out. Re-install in the opposite fashion.

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Stock rod length is 6.135 inches, unless it's a tall deck engine, in which case the rods are .400 longer (6.535), tall deck engines were used in big trucks like dump trucks and were usually 427 cu in, if you're talking about a pickup truck or a car it's most likely a short deck version. Deck height on a short deck big block Chevy is 9.800" from the center line of the crankshaft to the deck, deck height on a tall deck big block Chevy is 10.200" from the center line of the crankshaft to the deck.

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