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You need to find out if she feels the same way, or not. You don't want to make her feel uncomfortable if she does not feel the same. Talk to her, chat about the holiday, and about your friendship. If things seem to be going well, ask her if she thinks you two would make a good relationship. Don't push her, and don't put her in a position where she will feel uncomfortable. good luck

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2006-03-27 20:39:37
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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: How do you take the next step in a friendship if you went on vacation with a friend and fell for her and want to make more of it?
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What can you make your friend on her birthday?

Make your friend a cake, or a friendship bracelet.

What 2 words make friendship?

Friend and ship

What can your make for your friend?

Girl: friendship bracelet boy: chocolate

The state of friend friendship?

friend is the one you can share your feelings, where you can trust, consult, and share your problems. friendship is part of your life. when you brokeup with your friend you both gets hurted. friendship is '' winning and losing''. when you lose friend you lose everything. when you will make friends you'll win everything. '' friendship is life'' mean it . it took me few years to understand the meaning of friendship. so i try not to lose friends in life. but, make sure you make good friends.

How do you build real friendship?

actually friendship comes from the bottom of the heart.. anyway the important things in friendship are listening and trusting. listen to your friend, trust her/he. try to understand your friend at any situation, it will help you to make a real friendship

Why is building friend ship important?

You have to keep building your friendship to make it stronger. The stronger the friendship, the longer it lasts.

How do you strenghening your friendship?

you can strengthen your friendship by telling your friend that you love them like a sibling and thank them for being your friend and always being there for you when you need them. and make sure your also there for your friends.

How do you let him know i like him?

If you like a guy and he's like your friend make sure to think about telling him because you telling him can make him feel weird so be aware you may lose his friendship but at the same time you never know how he will fell about you :)

How can you make your friendship last?

By being the best friend you can be. (How would you want a friend to treat you? Pretty good, right? And that's how you can make it last) :)

How do you make your best friend your girlfriend?

There are various ways to make your best friend your girlfriend. You can do this by proposing to have such kind of relationship as long as it will not affect your friendship.

What are the qualities of friendship?

The qualities of friendship is truly what you make it, a true friend is trustworthy and makes you smile even when it's a horrible day.

How do you make friendship better?

by being a lot nicer to your friend and trying to make them confident in whatever they like

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