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How do you take the stock stereo out of an 1995 civic?


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2007-02-01 15:34:49
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pull it out and disconnect the harness. put a new harness on so when you sell it you can out your stock radio back in.

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it's got clip like things on each side holding the radio in.

Good luck. I know in a '98 you have to take out the dash...

it depends if u are using the stock stereo then no but if it is not a stock stereo then u may have an aux input jack which comes out the back of the stereo the easiest way is to just pull out the stereo and take a look

You need to take the bottom off first. There's like a slot for another stereo, take that slot off, then reach him unplug the wires inside. And just take it out.

for the 96-99 models, unscrew the panels underneath the steering wheel, take out the glove box, and the panel attached to the cigarette outlet. they should all snap out after unscrewing them. Once you do this, look up underneath the dash at the back of the stock stereo. there with be two screws, you can either use a 10mm or Phillips head to take them out, it then easily slides out from there. good luck! Try

take it to your nearest Honda dealer

DIN removal tool, found at any auto parts store.

Answer by Andreayou have to take all compartments off from under the steering wheel, to under the glove department to under the radio and then push it out from behind. if your looking to put a new CD player in, the directions on that will get you to take everything off from there and that's how i know. there are a lot of screws involved you need to take off and replace.

my brother has a 95 civic ex with over 260,000 miles, and i have a 2000 civic ex with over 110,000 we both use valvoline 5w30 and never had any problems

you gotta take it to a dealer they will have to know the vin # and they will give you the 4 digit code and they should do it for you

Use a flathead screwdriver to take off the black plastic dash panel that surrounds the stereo and ac. After you get that off then use a socket wrench and unbolt the stock stereo and you'll have it out.

the stock stereo has four holes, two on each side of the stereo, about 1/8 th inch diameter. you can get the tools from walmart in the stereo section among the installation kits. it contains 2 U shaped rods with a knotch near the end. insert and pull both at the same time. (instructions in kit). costs about 7 bucks but well worth it. i just did this myself.

1995 Civic Lx 1.5 liter engine hold aprox. 3.5 to 4 quarts of engine oil. The transmission holds 3 quarts

It's really easy...I am a girl and I installed my stereo myself. What you do first is you take a flat head screw driver and pop off the plastic framing that goes around the radio and the air conditioner controllers. Then you simply unscrew the two screws that hold in the stock radio. There should be one on the top and the bottom. And then pull out the radio and unplug it. That's about it.

Take it to the body shop. They have to open the hoods when they are wrecked.

hey, first you have to take the center consel out, then the little part betweent the dash and consel, under there should be two screws, undo those and carefully pull the deck out

The only way I know is to take it to the dealership. Some are suppose to charge $40 for this.

pop off trimming around steering wheel and glovebox after opening glovebox of course then unscrew the 4 7mm screws your done

All you have to do is buy a bypass harness from That should take care of your stock amp.

If it is the original factory fitted radio take the model and serial number to your dealership with your VIN. They should be able to tell you the code.

well for one u have to take off your exhaust manifold.....and i believe the header bolts into the stock holes on the block.... not 100% sure...

Buy the removal tool to take stock radio out, can be ordered online or found in local auto parts store

Remove the retaining cover from your factory stereo. Remove the factory stereo retaining bolts. Slide the factory stereo out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the factory stereo.

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