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How do you talk to a girl on the phone?

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Be polite, courteous, and confident, but above all be yourself. Tell her about things you like and see what you have in common. Make sure you listen, but don't be too shy.

2011-09-17 04:14:26
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Q: How do you talk to a girl on the phone?
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Related Questions

How can I long talk with gril on phone?

You can talk on the phone as long as you want with a girl .Many times people talk for hours on the phone.

How can a guy talk to his girl without having a phone?

talk to her at school dur

If a girl gives you a wrong phOne number what will you do?

Not talk to her

How can a guy talk to his girl on the phone?

ring her and talk about whatever you normal talk about :) good luck xx

You want talk to girl on phone but you dont know what to say?

talk about what they like in a guy

Why a girl don't pick your phone?

Either their phone is broken or they don't want to talk to you.

Why does a girl talk on the phone but never meet you?

Cowardice, plain and simple.

Who is Karen on harvest moon ds?

she is the girl who you talk to on the phone(the supermarket)

How can you get a girl to have a conversation wth you using notes?

You can talk to them afterschool or even talk to her on the phone(if you have her ohone number).

What is the appropiate age for a girl to talk on the phone with a boy?

The answer depends on the girl, the boy, and the phone. If a boy has a question about homework or a sports team, there is no reason why he can't get the answer by calling a girl. When it comes to calling a girl just to talk, so long as both the boy and girl want to talk it should be appropriate, but their parents should pay attention that the conversations aren't inappropriate.

How do you talk to a girl you like but you are both boring when it comes to talking on the phone how can you become more interesting?

Find out what she likes, and talk about that. You may find that you both share interests, and you can talk about that on the phone.

What does it mean when a seemingly interested girl doesn't answer your phone call or call you back?

She doesn't want to talk to you, or she's too shy to actually talk to you on the phone.

How do you call a girl that you never really talk to?

Don't do that. Talk to her and get to know her well before you can get to the point of talking to her on the phone.

Should you give a girl your phone number on a note?

Yes, you can give a girl your phone number on a note and should she want to talk she can call you. If the girl wants your phone number a note is a clever way to pass it along to her.

How should boy talk to girl on phone first time?

Be really sexy

How many hours does a tennage girl talk on the phone?

two - four hours

What do you talk about on the phone to a girl what kind of different things?

Talk to a girl about her job, friends, intrests, favorite things, what she's been doing latly, and ask her about herself! Girls love to talk about themselves.

What does it mean when the girl you like hangs up the phone on you?

it means she hung up the phone on you because she doesn't want to talk

What is the theme for the book hell phone?

theme of the book is that NICK need a phone to talk to his girl JENbut does not have a lot of money so he bought a chip phone...........

What do you do when your girl act like she don't won't to talk to you on the phone?

She may be sad, angry, or she is cheating on you.

Im in middle school and im friends with the girl i like and we talk on occasion but i want to talk to her more but im too nervous to talk to her what should i do?

ask her for her phone number, it's a lot of easier to talk to girls by way of Text or over the phone lines.

Should you ask a girl for her phone number?

That depends. If you don't know here, then you probably should talk to her and get to know her first. If it's a girl you know, then it would be acceptable to ask her for her phone number.

What does a girl mean when she will only talk to you on the phone but not at school?

She could be shy to talk to you in person or nervous - its much easier to talk on the phone. Continue to talk with her as things may change as she becomes more comfortable. She also may not be ready for others to know you two are talking yet.

When should you let your preteen girl talk on the phone with friends?

Don't let her talk on the phone later than bed time! Let her talk until she goes to sleep, unless it's too noisy. Just don't let her talk at midnight or something like that.

What do girls like to talk about over the phone?

they like to talk about girl stuff like fashion, clothes other girls and most of all BOYS!