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let him know you exist through some complex and overintricate scheme to gain his favor

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What do you do if you really fancy a guy but never talk to him much?

From a guy just tell him how you feel he will let you now how he thinks Dont be a wuss

What to talk to someone you fancy about?

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How to get a guy to fancy you?

flirt with him

What do you do with the gold on wild west island?

Go to rock ridge and talk to the guy with the fancy cart. give him the gold and he will give you some magic potions.

What does it mean when a guy smiles and looks at you a lot but doesn't talk to you?

That happened to me with this one really cute guy. It turned out that he really liked me but was way too shy to talk to me. That might be the case in your situation.Usually means that they fancy or think you are 'hot' and you have there attention. make it obvious you wanna talk then he will come over. if you like the look of him that is!

How do you get this boy to fancy you?

look amazing and talk to him

What do you do if you fancy your ex?

talk to them, if the feeling is mutual, have at it.

Do fancy green concures talk?

no they dont

What do you talk about to the guy you fancy?

Talk to him like u would with ur friends. Tell him about the things u like to do and c if he likes the same things. Once u find something in common u can talk about that and it gets much easier after that. i promise.

How should you react if a guy you fancy always winks at you?

You could encourage him to come and talk to you by smiling and/or winking back, saying hi or maybe fiddling with your hair a bit.

How do you make a guy fancy you?

Let him do it, dont tell him "honey you need to fancy me" if he loves you enough he will do it on his own.

Do guys dream about the girl that they fancy ever?

well ofcourse they do, do u dream about the guy u fancy?

How do you tell a guy you fancy him?

open your mouth and tell him

How can you invite out a guy you fancy?

send him a email or letter

How do you talk to a hot guy?

how do you talk to a cute guy named ashton?

What do you do when the guy you fancy is going out with your best friend this guy knows I fancy him and is a jerk to me but I cant stop fancying him?

Try to convince yourself he's not worth it. Find someone new.

What do you do if you see this guy at the place he works and yall stare at each other but never talk and try to be around each other when yall see each other?

You try to make small talk something like: "Fancy meeting you here"

What does Bradshaw mean?

Bradshaw is an English name it means broad thicket which is just fancy fancy talk for big bush.

If a guy cant stop teasing you does he fancy you?

Yes he does he wants you.

You fancy a boy but he is bi and he fancies a guy what do you do?

make him interested in you

Why does a guy call a girl a goose?

Because they ovs fancy you .

How talk fancy in RuneScape?

This question makes no sense. There is really no way to talk fancy unless you want to spell out every single word and use very big words. Most players within the game type in short hand and dont try to be fancy.

What if the guy I fancy likes another girl?

If the guy you like likes another girl then start hanging out with that girl. If that doesn't work than start talking to the guy just little talk like "Hi" " Is there any homework in SS" If that doesn't work than I don't know what to say

Do girls find it harder to talk to guys if they fancy them?

Its about the same for both.

Why do scientists use AU instead of kilometers?

they like to firgure it out as Space talk. or a fancy way to separate planets! -Valeria they like to firgure it out as Space talk. or a fancy way to separate planets! -Valeria