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Well you could give them a note or could talk to them as if he is a friend. If you find yourself stuck on what to say just think what would you say to a friend or If you know what they like then you can talk about it to them and see what they say and if you know there shy and they look shy then just make them laugh by saying "don't worry about being shy I am too it's nothing to worry about"

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Q: How do you talk to your shy crush if your shy too?
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How do you know if a guy has a crush on you if he is too shy and does not talk to you?

You can try talking to him ... if that doesn't work - forget him.

How do you get to know your shy crush?

Talk to him/her and he/she may get less shy around you

How can I stop being shy around my crush he likes me too but he's really shy we talk a lot on Facebook but at school were both really shy around each other When ever I see him I try to avoid him?

You can try texting your crush or writing him on sites such as Facebook. Maybe if you talk to him via messages, you will not be so shy in person.

How would you know if your crush likes you too?

Usually they will give looks a lot and either really shy or loves to talk to u.

Is she too shy to talk?

Maybe I mean a lot of girls are too shy to talk. But it depends on who the she is.

How do talk to your crush if your shy?

It is very hard. just talk to her like you would talk to a regular person.

Why is your crush always passing by you?

that person is too shy

How do you talk to a shy girl if you are shy too?

by getting to no her/him.

How do you talk to your crush if youre shy?

It is very hard. just talk to her like you would talk to a regular person.

How do you meet your crush?

Meet somewhere or if you see him then just talk to him.( Don't be shy.)

Why your crush doesn't talk to you around his mom?

He's shy, nervous and embaresses

How can you tell if a boy is just too shy to talk to you or if he really doesnt want to talk to you?

If they are too shy to talk to you, they would be shy towards others, too. But if they are full of energy towards others, chances are, they dont like you!