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You have to bribe them with food and cheer them on. And yea

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Q: How do you teach a guinea pig tricks?
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What can you teach a guinea pig?

you can teach it to run on a wheel!or you can teach it to roll over Guinea pigs do not have the right spine structure to withstand the wheel, But there are many tricks you can teach your guina pig especially if you have treats.

Can you train your guinea pig to do tricks?

Yes they can it just takes a while but you can teach them to roll over and many other tricks

How can you train your guinea pig to do tricks?

These little guys will not do tricks.

Can guinea pigs learn shapes?

Guinea pigs are smart creatures and if you really try you may be able to but like dogs you can't teach an old guinea pig new tricks

What are some easy tricks for guinea pigs?

I have seen many tricks done, click the link, and look for guinea pig tricks

Should I get a kitten or a guinea pig?

a kitten there more loveable and affecshonit also you can teach them tricks and they always want some one to play with

How do you teach a guinea pig to roll over?

You don't.You can't teach a guinea pig to roll over it will break it's bones connected to it's legs

How long does it take to teach your guinea pig the circle?

about 30 miinutes

Can you teach a guinea pig how to talk?

squeak yes talk no I wish but NO

What kind of milk do baby guinea pig eat?

ONLY guinea pig milk. Their mom will feed them her milk and then teach them to eat solid food.

What are all of the breeds of guinea pig?

American Guinea PigAbyssinian Guinea PigSkinny PigSilkie Guinea PigPeruvian Guinea PigTeddy Guinea PigTexel Guinea Pig

What tricks can a guinea pig learn?

guinea pigs can learn all sorts of tricks if you teach them right. They can learn how to spin around to climbing up the stairs. The trick is bribing them with yummy foods. I have tried lots of times to teach my guinea pigs tricks but unfortunately they are not very interested in treats or other vegetables so i just use grass, simple yet effective. It really depends on your guinea pigs taste so try out different foods and if they take a liking to any of them, you have to (if you were trying to teach them to walk up the stairs for instance) put the food on the step in front of them and pat their bottom when they climb up the stair treat them with the food, do this again and again until you get to the top, but if the guinea pig squeals at all during this exercise take him/her away immediately.

How much are Ginny pigs?

Guinea pigs themselves are just $20.00, but with everything else their around $100 a month.Don't go I'm not done.They are great for children and adults.You can teach them tricks and turn them into a show guinea pig to win money.You also could buy a girl and a boy and make your job a guinea pig breeder and make lots of money from that.

Why is baby guinea pig always spinning in circles? would most likely be a habit a lot of people actually teach a guinea pig to do circles

How do you teach your guinea pig to follow you?

well.. itrained my guinea pig by wearing brightly colored socks and Ialso tried to put timothy hay in my sock. but the best advice is to keep practising and eventually the guinea pig will learn.

How do you teach a guinea pig to jump things?

Take a fruit or veggie your guinea pig loves and lure the guinea over what ever obstacle you want it to jump over. The guinea pig will follow the treat and jump over the obstacle. It takes a lot of patience though.

How do you potty train a guinea pig Is it possible and Is it easy to teach him?

yes you can potty train a guinea pig and it is so easy to train them but you have to be patient. if you would like to see how to potty train a guinea pig then go on you tube and type in how to potty train a guinea pig and you can see all you need to know

Can a guinea pig learn?

Yes! You can teach your pig simple tricks and behaviors with food reward. They can learn to stand on their hind legs, circle, speak even jump over things. Your pig can also learn by himself. One of my sows learned that when she rings a bell in her cage she gets feed.

Can you teach guinea pigs tricks?

only if they are at least one year old in human life.

Do guinea pigs need teaching?

No, Guinea pigs do not need to be taught. You can try to teach them tricks but from my experience it doesn't work hope this helps

Can you teach a guinea pig to type?

No, that's just a silly commercial you've seen.

What kind of animal is a guinea pig?

A guinea pig is a rodent. Remember that a guinea pig is not related to a pig.

What does a boy guinea pig and a girl guinea pig look like?

A guinea pig

Can a guinea pig get pregnant with out a boy guinea pig?

No, a male guinea pig is required.

How do you speak guinea pig to your guinea pig?

there is no guinea pig talk just talk softly to your guinea pig so it doesn't get frightened.