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You need City Teleporter, so you aply the item and the city will be teleported.

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Q: How do you teleport your city?
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How do you activate ardounge teleport in RuneScape?

you have to do the plague city quest then you can teleport there if not you have to take the long way and walk '.'

How do you teleport a city to a specific location in evony?

you have to get an advaced city teleporter select an empty flat then teleport a random one will let you pick what state

How do you teleport on Animal Crossing City Folk?

you cant. sorry.

What are the codes on an Action Replay Max to teleport to Faraway Island and the one to teleport back to Mauville City on Pokemon Emerald?

I'll only tell you that you need an action replay.

What does a Mega Flux do In Adventure Qest Worlds?

You need it to teleport the city. How do you get a mega flux?

How do you get the gs ball on Pokemon soul silver?

you have to get in nimbasa city [nimbasa city is in the unova region ]. you can get there whit abra if he teleport

Where can i find a teleporting pokemon in pokemon emerald?

Psychic pokemon tend to learn the move Teleport. Abra's default move is always Teleport and you can capture one in Granite Cave which is by Dewford City.

Where do you find electabuzz in Pokemon Yellow?

start with the mew glitch but teleport/fly to fusia city and beat the tamer in the gym. then teleport/fly back to cerulian city and head to the nugget bridge. once the green color comes up hope you get lucky like I did.

Can you teleport?

Yes you can teleport but only if you are as awesome as me

How do you use the teleport in Habbo?

click the teleport twice

Can you teleport on Mario Kart ds?

sorry no you can no teleport

How can you teleport?

You can't. At least, no way to teleport is currently known.