Evony (once known as Civony) is a strategy game based in medieval times. It is free to play, but has charges attached for those who wish to advance faster.

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How many troops do you need to conquer a lvl 14 historical hc on evony Age 2?

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The number of troops required to conquer a level 14 historical holy city in Evony Age 2 will depend on various factors such as the type and level of troops you have, the strategies and tactics you employ, and the defenses of the holy city. It is recommended to have a strong army with a mix of different troop types and high-level generals, along with sufficient siege weapons and resources for reinforcement and healing.

How do you donate stone in evony?

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In Evony, to donate stone to another player, go to the Embassy building and click on it. Then click on the "Donate" button and select "Stone" as the resource you want to contribute. Enter the amount of stone you wish to donate and click "Donate".

What does throng mean on evony?

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In the context of Evony, "throng" refers to a large group or gathering of players typically seen in busy areas of the game, such as cities or alliance meetings. It represents the active player community and is often used to describe the bustling activity and social interactions happening within the game.

How many archers you need for a lvl 12 history city in evony?

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The number of archers needed for a level 12 history city in Evony would depend on various factors such as the size of the city, the strength of your opponents, and your preferred strategy. It is difficult to provide an exact number without these details. However, it is recommended to have a balanced army composition with a mix of archers, cavalry, and infantry units.

What do you do if your food production goes in negative in Evony?

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If your food production is negative, the best thing you can do is make sure you FARM A LOT of NPC's around you for the food. So your city does not run out of food.

Or you can cut down on the troops in the city.

Or you can split the troops over the amount is city's that you have so they can have a positive production of food.

How do you capture a LVL12 HC on Evony?

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Theirs many ways but here's the 2 most common and easiest ways.



The easiest method I have come across to take a LV 12 doesn't require high hero attack but only a good number of ballista. You will only lose about 4,000 ballista on the breaker. The spam waves before will eliminate the traps causing them to miss your important troops.

Hero level and attack does not matter for loyalty and spam waves.

Wave 1 to 30 - 2,000 warriors / 2,000 scouts (spam waves)

Wave 31 - 2,000 workers / 3,000 warriors / 122,000 ballista and hero attack of 285 (breaker wave)

Waves 32 and on - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors (loyalty waves)

__________________________________________________ ______



If you don't have the ballista and need to use other troops, your losses will depend on your hero attack. Your going to use a mix of archer rainbows and pikemen.

With Hero attack 200

Launching from a Lv10 city without war ensign

Wave 1 to 30 - 2,000 warriors / 2,000 scouts

Wave 31 - 33 - 100,000 pikemen

Waves 34 - 35 - 100,000 archers

Wave 36 - 42 (7 waves) - 1,000 workers / 1,000 warriors / 1,000 scouts / 1,000 swordsmen / 95,000 archers / 500 cataphracts / 500 cavalry

Waves 43 and on (loyalty waves) - 10,000 archers / 20,000 warriors

How do you LOOT level 10 NPCs on evony?

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well you need alot of troops and there are many ways of doing it most people say to use ballista but don't i like the way of warriors and archers but like i said there are many easier faster ways if you got the time

Okay first you need a hero with high attack about 115 mine was 176 attack but it will differ and 8 or 9 (depending on your rally point and feasting hall) heros with 95-115 attack

Next you need about 300,000 warriors and 150,000 archers and 10,000 calvary and/or cat. about 1000 of everything else

Your first attack will be with 200,000 warriors and 1 of everything else, (and what i mean by that is send 1 scout 1 warrior 1 archers you know 1 of everything else) this is basically battle Tech. this should wipe out the defenses but not the troops but don't worry this is what the archers are for....

Next send in waves with all your other heros send like maybe 15 seconds apart (gives you a chance of a medal) send in waves of 15,000 archers and 1 of everything else (again battle tech.) and maybe send some workers along for the resources but you don't have to if you don't want to

^^^This should take out Troops^^^

Then with those calvary send about 10 seconds apart and lower the loyalty down to 0 so you can take the city ..... (on a side note with that last attack of calvary send a hero with high politics and again with that last attack send some food and gold lots of gold about 500 thousand)

The reason i say this is because someone in another alliance was scouting that lvl10 npc and took it from me on the last attack so remember be ready you don't want to lose what you worked hard for

When that last attack hits and your jumping around because you captured your first lvl10 NPC just calm down and follow this okay lower your tax rate to 0 and first use the comforting to bring back up your loyalty and then when your loyalty is about 30 send some food to feed the city and make sure the population is in the green okay then what you do is the walls should have abatis still there destroy them and use the lumber to build Archer Towers build them in lumps of 500 keep doing it and so on and so fourth

The best thing in my own opinion is to use a lvl10 npc to keep your army because they can hold a massive army while staying in the green in food production and use it to make army and send off attacks and use your first city as a production machine and make troops there too or what ever you want to do

Hope i helped,

AbelG aka "StarKiller" alliance 4Told server 104

"It has been 4Told that we will kick your a##"

What are the animater vs animation game cheat codes?

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Secret 1: Unlock by scoring 8000 points at animation Secret 2: Unlock by scoring 15000 points at animator and animation both ...u need to be at full screen to unlock this... Cheats :Click on secret 1 two times when unlocked and click on secret 2 two times when unlocked... Effect: Make Animation bigand makes animator una´ble to attack

How do you go up a title in evony-free forever?

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You need to either find or buy medals to increase your title. You can find medals by attacking valleys and NPC cities.

How do you get to your item box in evony?

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To use items, first click on the 'My Items' tab underneath your avatar in the top-right hand corner when in your Evony account. From there you can see the items in your inventory, click on them pictures and it will come up with a little pop-up screen, in the bottom-right hand corner will be a little tab saying 'use'. Click on that

How do you build an ironmine on evony?

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1.) click on city (top right of screen)

2.) find a free slot

3.) click build

4.) Then chose iron mine

5.) Done !

Happy mining

What are the latest Evony invitation codes?

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Use them quick... enjoy

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How do you get lumber quickly in evony?

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If you want to trade you have to build a marketplace and you can click on lumber , stone , food or iron and then click on buy or sell. To send rescoures for free you find out the coordinates of the person you want to send it to ( you can find out your own coordinates by clicking on Map and it will tell you on the top right of the screen ) then you click on their city and click transport and enter the amount you want to send of any rescoures or gold.

What does horde mean on evony?

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A Horde when scouting in Evony is troops between 100 and 249.

so if you send 500 troops you should smash them!

How do you build an embassy on evony?

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Once you earn the title of Knight, you can get a second town. With Baronet, you can have three, and so on up to 10 towns with the title of Prinzessin.

To get the town, you need to control a "flat" which is a kind of valley you can take with an army. Once you have the flat and the required title, you need to send 250 workers, and 10k of each resource (food, lumber, stone, iron, and gold)

How do get the special chest key on evony age 2?

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You need to collect all the keys in the appropriate question

How do you get more lumber on evony?

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Click on the picture leading to the overview of your island, then click on the picture on the island that looks like a pile of logs. You will then see a slider that should be on 0, slide that up half way or 3/4 of the way and press the confirm button.

How do you level up on Evony?

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Honor signifies your victories. Every unit you destroy causes you gain and every unit you lose causes you to lose honor. It isn't used for anything, its just like prestige. Unlike prestige, honor is linked toward your plunders. Plundering NPC will not let you gain or lose honor.

What does MMORPG mean?

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Massively Multiuser Online Game) A game on the computer played by many people. Also called "massively multiplayer online" (MMO), an MMOG differs from a regular multiplayer game because its environment is perpetual. People log in, join the action and leave whenever they wish, but the game continues like new soldiers replenishing fatigued troops on the battlefield. In 1987, the Genie online service hosted Air Warrior, an aerial combat game and the first MMOG. See

How many cottages and barracks in evony?

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This depends upon which alliance you join, and how warlike they are. If you are in a war alliance, 15-18 barracks per city is fairly common. Otherwise, 12 is good. It cracks me up with alliances who don't stress the importance of barracks.. there are a LOT of cities with 1-2 barracks out there! More food for me... ;)

How do you get medals on evony?

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Keep attacking everything in site. Medal drop is random except for the later ones, so just keep attacking. Attack NPCs and flats and lakes etc. etc."

This is actually false. Certain valleys drop certain medals. For example: In ss36 I have found that level 9 - 10 flats drop an abundance of rose medals, level 9 - 10 forests drop more honor medals than anything else, level 9 - 10 grasslands drop more lion than anything else, and level 9 - 10 hills drop more courage than anything else. I am still exploring the other valleys.

What year was Evony and ivory recorded?

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Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney was recorded in the year 1982.

When did Evony happen?

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Evony happened in 2009.