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How do you tell a boy that you like him?

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2011-09-12 22:25:33

If you like a guy, you must be a girl right?? Well if that's the

case, my biggest advice is to just let the guy ask you. Guys think

its wierd when the girl asks him out. As you've heard in stories

that the guys were the tough men. They were the ones who were in

the wars, who played head chief, there's been yet to be a women

president, at one point men were everything, and sometimes the men

like to keep that pattern. They like to be the tough guy, and ask

the girl out. They like to be the leaders. All i can say is to just

be friends with him and wait until your relationship grows. Let him

play lead role and you might just be together. Take him to a trip

to the mall, watch movies with him, and walk around with him. BUT

THE BIGGEST THING NEVER TO DO IS tell all your best friends, it

WILL get around to him and hell think of you as nothing but a nag,

and they don't like that. Well i hope you take my advice and

hopefully it works. If not change around my words to make it better

because we always need other opinions to make everything a better

place. This is my opinion and i am not responsible for it if it

doesn't work . ITS JUST MY ADVICE. well have fun with your new man.


Great advice but you didn't tell her how to get the dude to

ask her out.

Okay well that is one way but, sometimes you get that feeling

that you really like him and you want to go out with him, yes you

can wait for him. But screw the pattern, ask him out, he can get

over it. But never tell all your friends only tell about one or two

of your friends who .

Here's the real answer. JUST TELL HIM!!!!! See his reaction!

Is it better to tell him over the IInternet if it is a

popular boy?

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