How do you tell a friend you don't want to be her friend anymore?



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sometimes this is a very hard thing to tell a close friend or maybe even just a friend you met last week. well first you have to have a reason to not be wanting to be a friend with someone. But if the problem is that u r getting left out or something than that's not worth not being friends cuz you can always fix that. first tell your friend the reason and explain. say if we cant fix this than i guess we shud take a break from our friendship and tell her how srry you are. try your best not to be harsh or mean.

But if one of your friends don't want to be friends with you just tell them what was bothering you and if you agree with the disission. But if its a dumb reason tell your friend that if she/he doesnt want to be your friend then you don't want to be friends with someone who doesnt value my friendship.

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